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A shoutout to a few favorites on the forum

I have a few favorites on the forum that I particularly admire for their wisdom, composure, and level headedness. I look up to them.

There are four of them, three ladies and a man. There are actually more than that but these four in particular I am learning from. One of course is Frank. Another is Miss Vickie.

I just wanted to say that their behavior is exemplary. That is all.


Thank you for the very touching shout out @misscrystal

Miss Vickie is on a whole other level of levelheadedness. I hope I can reach that some day.


I enjoyed how you handled yourself recently Frank. Very smooth.

Sometimes people need to be congratulated for being good role models. I don’t want to embarrass anyone so I just mentioned two people out of the four.


I agree. All awesome people and sellers.


All of you are awesome and helpful. Lot of things learn from you. Thanks.


Why thank you, Frank. :blush: I was raised on a farm in rural Montana and my parents were of levelheaded, no-nonsense, honest, hardworking stock so I guess I come by it naturally.

You are still young, and I am no spring :hatching_chick:. Give yourself some time to age like fine :wine_glass:

PS, Thank you too, Miss C.


I also want to mention, as far as being smart and level headed, our current moderator, who has impressed me a great deal.

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I have many favorites, including people whose opinions I don’t always or ever share. As long as people carry themselves with grace, I’m always happy to see them, and I love reading others’ insights, opinions, experience and conspiracy theories :wink: especially if they aren’t the same as mine, I know mine already. :slight_smile:

Some icons certainly make me auto-click threads, some pretty much guarantee that it’s worth reading even long posts, some make me smile or laugh … and are probably the main reason for checking in so often.



We’ve got some very funny people here too who almost always make me laugh. I can’t say anything bad about any of the regulars. They all have their good points. I just hope we don’t lose any of you guys the way we’ve lost so many others I enjoyed.

Then there are some who come by now and then I wish we saw more of. I also am so happy to see Gina stop by now and then. She is always delightful.


Hear, hear to this shout-out! Iconic icons appearing frequently are a sight to see, each person’s personality shines through, though some are brighter than others. :wink:
(I’m in a silly mood this morning, but in total agreement.)


And for all the newer people who arrive at the forum, my heart goes out to them. I want them all to be hugely successful. It’s frustrating at times too, to want to help and not be able to as much as I would like. Every one of them just wants to do well on fiverr, like all of us.


I personally think that most people who use the forum these days are weirdos who should be in grammar prison.

However, I do like most of the people here who can string together more syllables than “help, have no order.”


I sometimes feel like we should at least be able to point people like that in the right direction. Do you know of any free courses one can take to improve their English?

Like some people’s gigs are DOA because of their English.

Edit: I don’t mean help the weirdos, just those who are having trouble with English.


I’m not sure whether or not they can tell they need help with it.

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Too many. that I got to know for too short of a time. :slightly_frowning_face:


We’ve seen many of them being in denial. Like that one seller who complained about getting some bad ratings, and when we pointed out that he frequently misunderstood what we told him and that he should work on his English, he said his English was good. When we pointed out that the buyers who gave him less than stellar ratings complained that he didn’t understand their requirements, he still thought that his English was good. There was no convincing him.


I think anyone with a writing gig should be familiar with basic grammar. So it makes me think they probably don’t always know. I have sympathy for them. Frank is right, we should find a course for them in English although being from various countries makes it more difficult to find a one size fits all course.

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Many many thanks.

Good luck!

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I was a little bit busy for the last few days but I really like reading and I do read the topics written by frank_d, Miss Vickie and misscrystal. I hope we will see more productive writings of yours in the future.