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A simple 1 page Brand Style Guide

Hi, I am Paridhi, a passionate graphic designer and marketing enthusiast.
I have assisted many businesses in developing promotional materials, concepts, and presentations.

Why Do I need a Brand Guide?

These six, core elements of a one-page brand style guide are more than sufficient to address how your brand is represented in the visual and written mediums. Whenever you’re handing off your brand to a department or a contracted freelancer—for design work, logo tweaks, blog posts, advertising copy, social media content, content marketing, etc.—this is the authoritative document they’ll always have to consult.

There are six, core elements of a one-page brand style guide:

  1. Your logo
  2. Brand Story
  3. Color Scheme
  4. Typography
  5. Imagery
  6. Brand Emotion/ Personality

This is a simple, one-page solution is all your designers and marketing team need to consult.

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awesome, looks cool!

Thank you very much! Please reach out if you need a brand guide or other design services

I definitely will if I need one! If you’re looking to grow maybe check out my gig too?

Best regards