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A simple question

Hi dear fiver users :smiley:
I had some really bad experience today.

2 weeks ago i have ordered some intro for my future videos. Of course with commercial use license. Today i saw, not the whole one, on youtube in the same branche. I contacted the seller and asked him why he cut some scenes from the intro and sell it to the third part.

He answered: I can do this. This is my work. I can sell it to everyone when its not the same. You have the big part and he only some scenes. For my work is this actually a disaster.
That means he can work everytime with this. And sell it everytime a “little bit different”

I am new here and had only really god experience.

Can someone help me with this?

Kind regards,
Sombreroo :smiley:

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No. He is not allowed to do that. Fiverr TOS clearly states that rights are transferred to you and he can’t use even parts of your video to sell to someone else.

On your place I would’ve contact fiverr support to ask for their advice.


Thanks for your answer. I have the same opinion.