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A (slightly satirical) message for those complaining about "no sales", from Frank Underwood


I am a big House of Cards fan and find that some times, Frank Underwood says things better than I ever could. This message is for all those compaining about no sales, all those desperados posting in the Buyer Request section etc.
Where he says “America”, read “Fiverr”.

You are entitled to nothing.

Fiverr is a level playing field, you have the opportunity to make your own luck and create an income for yourself. Just as Frank says you must turn up and ask for a job, you must make the effort to get the jobs.

Feel free to add your own analogies from the speech related to Fiverr but nothing actually political please :slight_smile:

The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance

Last time I said something like that, I got booed off stage for my negativity and arrogance.

Hopefully they will take Mr Underwood seriously. :slight_smile:


Hopefully Frank U being frank will be more popular than Frank (you) being frank.
One only has to look at those who are successful in a short time such as @lynnehuysamen and @pastordre to see examples of people making their own luck.


Freudian slip? :wink:


Its a mash-up of campaigning and complaining, I can see it doesn’t really work…


Well, the com-cam-connection was part of my immediate first thought and laugh, if that´s a consolation, next to feeling your pain. :wink: