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A small but effective Tips to the Sellers, that I use frequently


Hi Everyone

Today I am going to share a useful Tips that I frequently use and getting good results. That is, sometimes your clients may not understand something about your order or anything else. It may be tough for you to solve the problem by sending messages or screenshots.

In that case, make a small video to show, how the problem can be solved. You can use screen capture software like “FastStone video capture,” “Camtasia” etc. Send the video to your client. I hope your problem will be solved and your client will be pleased.

Ex: Recently one of my clients could not save PNG files from the PSDs that I delivered. So I made a small two-minute quick video. She was so pleased that she gave me a Tips :slight_smile:

Take care! Thanks!


Nice tips, But Camtasia & Faststone are premium, I use Screencastify chrome extension in these cases :wink:


Yes you can use what ever you like. I use Fast Tone!


It’s a good tip! I use SMRecord, which is a freeware.


I will try it. Thanks!


Luckily, I haven’t encountered a problem of this magnitude. But I’ll always keep your advice in my belt; perhaps I’ll need it someday. Thanks for sharing.


Good Tip. What I have done is created documents i.e. Knowledge Base of frequently asked questions or pain areas. So when clients need that - all attach it for them.

This is a great idea to create such video’s. Let me give it a try next time when my client is stuck.

Thanks for sharing.


thank you for sharing very useful tips:grinning:


Thanks a lot for tup… i ll try to follow them


Thanks for sharing your experience. I will try this for my client.


I do the same with my client,
I use camtasia , it is perfect to record screen with cam and audio.


FAQ helps a lot but not all of the cases. Some time needs to clarify the problems. I hope one day Fiverr will have an option where we can Live chat with the clients in real time :slight_smile: Or even can call them.


Never heard of screencastify. Will have a look at it.

OP, this is a very nice tip. Just yesterday we had a seller on the forum with the exact same problem and this would have come in very handy.


Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder
It has two option if you choose tab option :wink: your browser bookmarks will not be recorded in the video.
I provide WordPress related services, many clients wants to run their site on their own. This tool becomes handy to instruct them.


Wow! That awesome! I will try it. Thanks!


Extending your extra effort for your clients is always an awesome thing =) Keep it up gkzaman. We’ll take note of this trick as well =)


Good info really helpful


yes i also use a video recording software if client does not no how to change a small elements of website it helps me a alot in my development gig :slight_smile:


Yes it’s good way understand to buyer. Sometimes i use this trick :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good Tips for all.