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A small request

Hey guys. I am here to just discuss a semi-serious matter. Today I came into contact with a seller on Fiverr who was in need of guidance. There was around 10 posts on that page, all giving very general help. There was one person however who I will not tag who was really critical and came across as very rude and arrogant and I think we should be more kinder. Everytime when someone says Hello, I am new to Fiverr, they are bombarded with Good lucks and Wish you wells but some of the people here are just so un-mannered and it makes me feel for the person in the first place. I messaged the new seller and I helped him and if we could all do things like this here and there, fiverr would be that much nicer. Thanks for your time and check out the link. If any new sellers ask for some feedbcak, we shouldn’t hesitate. Check out the link and wish you all the very best. Thanks, Mahiee

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@mahiee123, please remove the seller’s reference. You know, forum rules.


Messaging advice to sellers on their Fiverr account, although well intentioned, can be construed as spam and may result in you getting blocked or receiving a warning. Messaging a Fiverr seller is meant to communicate in regards to prospective or already purchased gig orders, not for tips or mentorship.

Your intentions seem genuinely positive, but Fiverr messaging is the wrong place to conduct such activity. Posting and communicating on the forum would be a much better area for such an endeavor.

I wonder if you’ll think the same thing a year from now.
Still, the effort is appreciated by those of us who are starting to feel jaded.

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