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A small solution for Fiverr users to reach as many buyers and to maximize their profits

IMPORTANT: To qualify for this gig you need a Facebook fan page, not a Facebook personal account. If you don’t know the difference, please ask before order.

I am sure that, like myself, your main concern as a Fiverr user is to reach as many people with your gig and maximize profits. And, like myself, you use one of the most handy marketing tools: Facebook. With this gig, your Facebook page will not be just one of many tools for advertising, but will become the most important one.

Technically, with this gig, your full fiverr gig page will be placed on Facebook, fully functional, with the entire description, video, pictures and, perhaps most importantly, your order button. From now on, potential customers will be able to order your gig directly from your Facebook page, instead of having to be redirected to the Fiverr website by a minimally descriptive Facebook post. This way, Facebook becomes a sales platform for your gigs and you can fully leverage your Facebook community and boost your sales. This page is not a replica of your fiverr gig page, but is the exact same page from Fiverr, optimized and loaded on Facebook.

If you need my service please order with confidence

What you need:

-Fiverr gig

-Facebook Page (not a personal account)

You can see it live here in the attached pictures.

Sheriff’s Note: Please place Your Gig Promotion in the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Moved.

This is an effective way to increase traffic to your gig

Tank you

Reply to @sorinm:

It’s all good. Happy sales!

You too :slight_smile:

It quite obvious you don’t’ understand the message of my comment.

You’re pointing out promotion of fiverr gigs using Facebook fan pages and I’m complementing that.

I got nothing nothing against you promoting your gig here @sorinm

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I feel really ashamed … Sorry please