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A small tip for New Sellers about Keywords

Hello everyone,
To get the first order on Fiverr, you need to choose the less competitive keywords and use them in the title and description of the gig. If the competition will be less, the chance to get more orders increases.

Google keyword planner is one of the site where you can search the good keywords and use them in your gigs.

Also, as a newbie it is recommend to share the gig on various social media platforms as well so as to increase the views and orders as well.

Hope it helped!



very helpful for new seller.


Great tip @niyascva. I wanted to expand on this part right here!

By less competitive, one approach to accomplish this could be by making your gig more specific (i.e. instead of just “I’ll write your blog”, you could say "I’ll write your finance blog).

Hope this helps! :blush:


Golden nuggets for newbies


For select the gig keywords:

search volume: 0-1200 is the best {i think}.don't go 1200+


Thanks my friend…

Thank you for sharing this.

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You are welcome @webfsxpert

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I am a beginner and not getting offers yet what should I do

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Thank you for share brother

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Useful information for many peoples…

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Thanks brother @cherussery

You can share in social media platforms, but that should be done constructively don’t just go around and start spamming. Good luck guys.


Thanks for your valuable Information

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you are welcome brother @thufailmuhammed

That could be very dangerous if you don’t do it properly


You’re right…But if we do it properly without making a spam, we will get orders from genuine buyers.

Very informative article. :heart: this @niyascva

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Thanks friend…@techtrendz0007

thank you for your advice