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A Small tip for new Sellers

I am also new but i am going to share my experience .
I hope you have a nice profile create gigs in which you are expert.
If you are wordpress expert then you have to create gig Related to that category.
After that you have to find your first client Send offers to buyers in available projects category and promote your gigs in social media and by emails never use bots to increase views.
IF got got first order then you stop promoting and sending offers working hardly with your first client and Deliver Fast as possible at end ask him to give five star rating if you satisfy him…

I’s thinking about promoting my gigs on Facebook. Is it worthy or just wasting of time?

All things mentioned above are very true. Again take it slow. You won’t be able to finish your request on time if your gig starts booming. It happened with me, I have started selling things in February and I had to take a month of holiday for my own reasons. In one month I reached level 1 with total of around 250$. Now I am almost hitting 2nd level and I have no time to take rest, I’ve been getting orders crazily.

So best tip here is: Satisfy your clients. Take courtesy level up with your clients, never opt to cancel.

Niche matters for sales, but again I don’t provide cheap work and I always take extra time for $5 gigs as well as $100 gigs. Don’t worry you will reach there if you’re omitted enough and One day you will be asking for one day of holiday at least in a week.

Make sure your gig is well described.

It is useful if you promote it on twitter because twitter is the social networking site of serious people do one experiment first go to google url shorter and short you fiverr gig link and post same link in both Facebook and Twitter then you see the diffrence by tracking traffic on graph of Google url shortner I like Twitter then Facebook Facebook is also an option if you are in serioud people group

You said right and thanks for participating

My friend circle is more wider on Facebook than Twitter. Anyway, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

bro what is bots to increase views? you said?


Bots are the scripts or codes that automatically run and do one operation many time but it is illegal