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A solution to the unfair gig cancellation problem

We need a solution to this now. It’s grossly unfair to be punished for cancellations by the fault of a buyers i.e accidently purchasing a gig or running out of money etc.

There needs to be a button on dispute that the BUYER can press that will say that it wasn’t the sellers fault for the cancellation.

Now, fiverr may worry that people would abuse this and trick the buyer into clicking it when it was indeed the sellers fault to avoid bad ratings. Simple. You put a big ass warning message near the button on the buyers side

“WARNING! ONly press this button if it was GENUIANLY a fault of yours for cancelling this order. If it was the sellers fault and he’s trying to get you to click this button please click this report button next to this” then they investigate the chats if the warning was clicked and give the seller a warning if he was abusing the system.

Good system?


They could just have a list of reasons for the cancellation and on each of those was an internal flag (that the buyer & seller don’t see) for whether it was the fault of the seller (or the fault of the buyer if necessary).

eg. the system asks the buyer:
“Why do you want to cancel?”

“I ordered by mistake”. [internal variable, fault_of_seller=false]


You do realize many buyers would manipulate the seller to do free stuff just to say that it wasn’t the seller’s fault, right?

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This is a tough one. I don’t think CS has the capacity to deal with things on more of a case by case basis even if something like this was implemented. But the opportunity for buyers to take the work and “run” is there and quite easy. And if a seller isn’t getting enough work to counteract a cancellation, it can wipe out stats and seller levels. On the other hand, buyers need to be able to cancel if they haven’t received quality work as described. But where’s the line there?

I would like to feel that overall performance and reputation means something. I’m a TRS and recently had a cancellation (rare for me) the reasons were pernickety and I could have easily solved this with a revision, but that’s not how it went. CS wouldn’t cancel and keep my stat at 100%. If I hadn’t received enough work after this, my seller level would have plummeted. It may be coincidence, but the month following that has been my second worst in terms of orders and earnings. This is my personal beef. But I’m one seller in a pool of thousands on a platform and the money Fiverr makes from my 20% is a drop in the ocean.


They have the ability to blackmail us like this already. They can just as easily say give me free work or I’ll 1 star you. The responsibility “should” lie on fiverr to stop these buyers from manipulating you by circumventing the system i.e not letting them put review or auto-clicking the “it was the buyers fault button” if they are using it to blackmail. But they rarely intervene when it happens.


Support is already overbooked with work. So I wouldn’t count on them to deal with even more work and solve these issues.

Who knows if these complaints and concerns ever reach the people who can actually change things and if they do, do they even care? I’ve stopped kidding myself that any platform gives a monkeys about me as an individual and a professional, it makes it easier to live with the minor injustices I feel I’ve experienced, which isn’t many to be honest. The platform has done a lot for me but it’s not a family business.

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Hy Nomad, I already faced these issues, Buyer wants the refund right after the order reasons for they no need this service anymore or giving any reasons. Just do one thing, when the buyer started the dispute to cancel his order, just decline that and said the buyer “Hi, I understand you made the order by your mistake or any giving reasons. But if I accept the cancelation it will affect my profile. So, I forwarded the Dispute for cancelation to Fiverr customer support and they will cancel the order further. Thanks”.

And after that contact the CS and write all about that and they will cancel without affecting any of your stats.

Hope you will like found these helpfull. Thanks

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Yeah I tried that.

The problem is that the buyer was getting cranky over his refund. I explained that I’d contacted support as it would badly affect my profile and he just had to wait 12 - 24 hours. He ended up contacting customer support to cancel. And of course they reply to customers far quicker than sellers so the order got cancelled through customer service by buyer and rankings were effected before I even had the chance to argue my case :confused:

I told the buyer about it affecting my profile and if he could wait. And that the money goes in his fiverr balance anyway but he obviously didn’t care and proceeded to damage my profile for his own mistake :confused: I mean he’s under no obligation to not do this to me but it’s just not the nice thing to do considering it could damage our livelihood :confused: Oh well it’s just one cancellation.

yeah I guess your right, it’s such a minor issue for fiverr in the grand scheme of things…

They wouldn’t dedicate a whole team just to making sure some sellers don’t get their cancellations reduced by an unjust %3 or so. It’s probably negligible in their eyes.

It’s just luck of the draw whatever support rep you get landed with.

The 10+ times I’ve been to customer support though they always tend to dodge questions and try to give you the most pre-packaged watered down response possible lol. I’ve never once had a straight answer from them on anything it’s always vague and ambiguous. It took many messages and asking multiple time for someone to tell me why my late marker had went down after someone bought an extra (obvs the timer restarts - another flaw that good do with patchin)

It feels like they’re told exactly what to say for each situation and they’ve even been trained to empathise with how you feel and your problem now (probably after years of panicking sellers- ever rep I speak to know ALWAYS when I have a problem it starts with “I understand why you would feel like this.” etc. and they all seem to follow this similiar formula of empathising with the customer before offering solution. Bit random but i worked in telesales before so kinda noticed the scriptiness.

I had one good incident though where someone wanted rap lyrics. I swore in the rap lyrics and got a warning on my account for obscenity. Luckily the fiverr gods blessed me that day and I got through to someone that reversed the warning, thank god.

I’ve sworn like a trooper in some of my voiceover, I wonder what it is exactly that flags it. Ugh, whatever! The endless mysteries of the Fiverr Gods!

I feel like this has been brought up so often and the pros and cons and ability of Fiverr and the person hours needed, and everything in between have been discussed to death without a really watertight solution, and I’d only repeat myself, and mostly share Leanne’s sentiments, too, I guess, but I wanted to chime in with something slightly off-topic, since two people in this thread mentioned doing something I’d strongly recommend not to do: Telling customers that a cancellation will affect your ranking.

Just acknowledge their problem/wish to cancel, tell them you’ll forward it to support and that their order will get cancelled and they will shortly get refunded in form of Fiverr balance, unless they’ll contact support to request a refund to their payment source. I’d also add a link to the Buyer Help Pages that officially tells them what they need to know about cancellation/refunds. But omit anything like “will affect my profile”.

If an unfair cancellation is about to happen, I feel it’s perfectly fine to route it via support, as long as Fiverr doesn’t have a better, fairer system in place, and I understand that it might be tempting to tell a buyer that the cancellation (= their failure to watch their fingers and clicking things they don’t actually want to buy, or their running out of money, or whatever) will affect your profile, but … just don’t.


It was because I sent the draft lyrics in a message and it flagged the swear word in the message. Lesson learned. If there’s swearing only send in .docs

Trust me, and there’s nothing you can do about this. Last week someone got a refund from customer support. The reason is he doesn’t need the design anymore. By the way, he provides a gig requirement and waits until delivered the logo.

Fiverr customer support always solves this kind of dispute from one side. Buyers can say whatever they want and get a refund quickly. At least they have to let us explain the situation, which is never happening.

Here is my solution

Good advice. Unfortunately I work in writing so a buyer can steal my work as soon as I’ve sent it. I’ve had a few occasions where I’m pretty sure they cancelled for free work which sucks.

What about making a portfolio site (the private page that is not available to the public) and uploading your writing before sending it to the seller. If they complete the order, you can remove it from your site.

If they steal your writing, you can check plagiarism to find out.

Great idea! Thanks.

I guess if their really committed thieves though they can just take a screenshot and copy word for word.

This happens so little too worry too much about it though. You get burned in business all the time, even outside of fiverr.