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A Song of Mortuary Ice and Fiverr

Put the pie on the floor in front of you and feel less guilt as you take a bite with each rep.


Next stop, push-ups in your fingertips. You’ll like them. :wink:

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I’m good thanks

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Well, this is how I look like these days now that I’m no longer stuck to my laptop :grinning:

I knew you’d resurface if ever you had the opportunity to do a “well, I’m better because” come back.

It is flattering being stalked. However, if you could just join a dating site and meet somebody as interested in you as you are, things would work out better for everyone.



20 characters etc etc

Is this a photo competition now?
Should I post my picture in bikini?
I’m sure I’ll get more likes :smirk:


Please do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

20 characters etc etc

(Good looking freelancers and former freelancers of the world unite. For world peace. :grinning: )

I hope it was taken before you got ill. Being covered in snot is not a good look! :wink:



You never know what kind of fantasies people have out there :wink: someone might even like it :see_no_evil:



20 characters etc etc

Umm, what is your picture doing in a bikini? Shouldn’t YOU be the one wearing such attire? Photos aren’t really designed to wear clothing. :wink:


Oh well, I never said I look good in bikini, so “picture” in such attire might look better than me :joy:

After all this discussion is about :point_down:


Let’s agree to disagree on that :sunglasses:

Hey, if you’re gonna bust out your bikini, I’m gonna bust out my corset!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

…OK, I lied, I’m sorry, I don’t own any. I can try getting on on ebay though :rofl:



I’m better because no twenty characters fluff :wink:

What are you doing here, I thought you’re not on Fiverr anymore?


Pretty much nothing. Chilling. My money works for me.

Could be a buyer in the future though. Plan to self publish my own book. Will need someone to do the ebook cover, formatting and stuff.

(Make that nothing and everything :rofl::joy::+1:)

You can probably sell a book with that slightly altered as a title if you plan a bio or other non-fiction. Or surprise me and say you’re writing fiction?

I only have fb since very recently, and only for local business reasons; to keep updated on my Fiverr favourites’ weight, I simply look for stuff here, like this thread :wink:

Cooking for yourself can be therapeutic. Oprah taught me that of all people. And I absolutely despise cooking.

“See, I care about you, I’ve made you something healthy AND delicious.” A tiny bit of self-love can help out quite a bit. Those pizza delivery people and pie shop owners have no love for you.