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A Sorrowful Experience

I know Fiverr is one of the best marketplace and got ton of recommendations for hiring freelancers from here. Requested for some SEO task today and got a huge number of reply as well. But my sorrowful experience is everyone just copy paste their profile on the reply box. I specifically wrote that - please write the first word of my site so that I can understand you check my website at least one time properly. Got 96 request in first 30 min and only one of them cared to write that word. And who wrote that word has no past feedback on Fiverr. Not a good start for me. Just need a suggestion, will I hire anyone with a good review here? or will I hire someone who read the request properly with no prior experience? TIA.


Thanks for this.

We keep telling new sellers over and over again that the approach you describe won’t work.

Your best bet, rather than using buyer requests, is to go to the main site and search for sellers who specialise in SEO. Look at their reviews and their portfolios. Choose one or two to give a small task to … and then choose the one who performs the best.


Was on budget. That’s why thought it will be better if I post any request and hire someone around my budget. I liked a Gig from a seller but her budget was too high for me.

Anyway thank you so much for your suggestion, will try to pick someone through search. Thanks again.


Would you rather hire someone with no past feedback but that has read what you actually need and (hopefully) depending on their answer to your request would be able to deliver what you want or someone that haven’t even bothered to read your request?

Although feedback is important it may not be the only thing to look for.

This is another important thing: If I find a request that I can do but the budget is too low then I won’t bid, meaning that might have been one of the reasons you didn’t get some more relevant bids.


Thanks for posting this. Now we have proof to sellers that copying and pasting doesn’t work and that it’s about tailoring to client need.

I’m sorry this has wasted your time. It’s embarrassed to be in the company of sellers who act like this.


I agree with the members who previously answered. Unfortunately due to such sellers who simply spam the requests with copy/paste offers not even bothering to read the request, genuine sellers who might actually be eligible for the job may pass unnoticed by the buyer in a sea of tens of irrelevant applications. So this explains why every single buyer request I see has at least 20 offers already sent - turns out that most of them may be spam.

You may either: 1. search some more in case you find a seller within your budget, 2. postpone ordering until you can increase your budget so you are able to hire a seller of your preference, or 3. reply to the seller with no reviews who paid attention to your requirement, ask them a few additional questions to make sure they are qualified for the job and give them a chance if they seem reliable.

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It was probably high for a reason. That’s the problem with buyer requests. People think the prices on the platform for a certain thing are too high, and they go and ask for the same in the buyer requests at a lower price. Guess what? It’s not gonna happen. If it’s too cheap, it’s gonna be crap.

And that’s why most buyer requests are worthless, as a seller. Completely unrealistic budgets.


Already noted the points. Thanks for the suggestions :smiley:

You can also look into youtube tutorials on SEO and study how to do SEO work for your website/business.

After being scammed multiple times and having to disavow backlinks done by unprofessional people with 4.5-5 stars on Fiverr, I started studying SEO through Moz, Ahrefs, Patel, etc.

I recently purchased the ahrefs yearly sub. It did cost me $4000 to sub.
However if you have multiple websites and blogs like me or if you want to later on do SEO work for others, I think it is a good investment to make.


Actually my budget was low, but not unrealistic. I just hoped that before replying to my request most of them will read my two line request properly. Anyway lesson learned :wink: Will hire someone through the search now. Already talked with someone though.

That would be the best option but don’t have enough time for it now. Thought quick 50 bucks will solve my issue

Good luck with that buddy :smiley:.

You have to know some basic SEO to review the work done by others.

I have been scammed before by a freelancer who thought I was clueless.

I asked a friend of mine to review the work the freelancer did.

All he did was copy and paste our product description.
This freelancer has a 5 star review. The project he did cost over $750. He calls it the “SEO FORMULA.”
Later on we found out his website is fake, his profile is fake, etc.

It’s good to make time for studying.