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A Special Message After St. Levels Day - Hang in There!


This is just for fun and to hopefully add a bit of cheer to the forum! Thanks to @thedixielynn for this funny and fantastic video! (I just had to give this gig a try for a unique way to present a message!)


33 minutes after you posted this… and the video was removed from Youtube. :thinking:


Yeah. I need something to cheer me up, too. :slightly_frowning_face:


Can you try it again now?


:heart:, love, love it! I think this seller posted this gig on the forum a day or two ago.
I favorited and everything! :smile:

@thedixielynn You’re GORGEOUS dahling! :wink:

Thanks, @fonthaunt that was a picker-upper. :sunglasses:


Yep. Now it works. :slight_smile:


Thanks @fonthaunt. I enjoyed @thedixielynn’s message!


It’s Dixie!!
When I saw him…no, her video, I was quite impressed especially because she was a new seller, and it seemed like she was doing everything the right way.
It really stood out and I was even thinking of ordering a video from her, but I just didn’t have the right occasion for it…and BAM, I see this post!

The only problem is, I’m at my office right now!!
I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home before clicking on that play button…