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A Story of mine about a irresponsible seller

Hi guys, I wanted to share my very first experience with Fiverr. It’s gonna be a long story so please bear with me. First of all, i can’t mention his name here as he is an irresponsible or whatsoever seller you can call him as, he is selling a gig stating “I will design your wordpress site from scratch or clone” he said. So I gave him a sample and tell him to design a similar site for me and he said he will do it for $100 and I said ok because I saw he got like 20+ 5 stars review (which I believe is fake because some seller gave like 5-10 times 5 stars review for a single gig). He suggested me to pay him via paypal because Fiverr is taking away 20% of the money he said so I agree with that too. Before the money is pay, he is super responsive and he promise will update me every day and will deliver it within 5 days. After the money is paid he became not responsive at all which he will only reply my message the next day. I am aware he is from different country but I googled it and the time gap is merely two and a half hour which is I am 2 hours faster than his hour. The deal dragged for 11 days, as he failed to deliver my product in time and very hard to connect with him and then I cancelled the order:-

Day 1: Ask for progress, no reply at all.

Day 2: No reply as well

Day 3: Told me that I will be able to review the mock-up which at the end he failed to give.

Day 4: I ask for the mock-up again and he told me the complete site is done and will send me on that particular night which he failed to give again.

Day 5: He told me there is a problem with his hosting dns and will send me that night but as usual failed to give again.

Day 6: Tried to contact him but never reply.

Day 7: I told him I am losing patient and this time he reply immediately said It’s my problem not his because of he cannot access cia ftp my firewall is blocking blah blah blah…. (Dude, you promise its 5 days delivery time and if you found a problem then you should tell me back in the third or fourth day and not the seventh and now you blame me? If you cannot manage your own time as a freelancer then don’t be one!)

Day 8: Tell me to turn off the firewall so I did as he said.

Day 9: Finally got mad and ask for refund and he replied immediately said “I will deliver your order in the next 60 minutes, if not blame me”. He replied after 2 hours saying the site is ready and alive but i still cannot access to my site. So guess what, he ask for another 20 minutes telling that he will do a fresh install. After 20 minutes, I still cannot access to my site and I was really mad and felt cheated so I ask for the wp-admin account but then he disappear again and never reply.

Day 10: Finally I manage to access to my site but hey, what I found is he installed a theme bought from themeforest and I don’t see anything related or similar to the sample site I gave him. He told me there is a plugin he created to force-change the layout of the theme? (WT* is this? How about the other functions that I told him? None!!!)

Day 11: I got real mad hence I cancelled the order (by cancelled order i doen not mean i get refund because its made via paypal, lesson learnt). Guess what? He spam me with a lot of text and email asking me to remove the bad review. Of course I refuse to do that, I paid $100 for rubbish.

After that, I made a clean reset of my hosting and site and start everything myself. Yesterday, he emailed me and threaten me, this is what he said “I will spam your new website if you don’t remove the negative feedback, Your website will be marked as spam in google bot as well as it will be out of the search engine too.” Then today he sent me a screenshot saying that he will delete my site’s style.css which I don’t know how he actually manage to get into my site as I already put it under maintenance mode.

If you are seeing this you fragglesrock, so what? I bought my domain and hosting monthly, I can always get a new one :smiley:

Wow. Yes this seller was really terrible, but you should have seen the red flags from the beginning.

Why did you pay $100 when his gig states he would do the same as you asked for $5? Even a premium theme he sells for an additional $20, so he would obviously be getting cut rates or free themes and just installing them.

Then he asks you to pay via PayPal? As a Level 2 seller, that definitely shady. That will get him an instant ban on his account.

For such a large amount of money, you should have been sceptical about the service he would give you.

If there’s a way for you to prove he asked you to pay via PayPal you can tell customer support and hopefully get your money back!

Well. This is a horrible experience.
First of all, if you’re using fiverr then never pay outside of it. No matter what the seller says.
If possible, talk to the paypal support if they can help with the refund.
Also report the user to fiverr support asap with the screenshots of the messages asking for paying outside of fiverr.

As soon as he mentions paying outside of fiverr directly on paypal that is a MASSIVE red flag. He clearly cares about his account, the fact he is throwing abuse your way for leaving a bad review. Which is good, because now you can get him banned (if he doesn’t get banned himself first). You could try get your money back off him, but it seems pretty hopeless. It sucks that this has happened, I feel bad for you. But let this be a lesson, never do any deals with fiverr sellers outside of fiverr.

@chimmy91 Have you contacted Paypal? You should do that ASAP. I believe as long as you didn’t send the money via “Friends and Family” you’re entitled to getting it back. I’ve filed PayPal disputes as a buyer a few times and they are extremely helpful in getting it taken care of quickly. Don’t let this guy get away with taking your money!

Oops… i might get banned because i exposed the seller name and that gig i cancelled :smiley: :smiley:

Dear @chimmy91 I am sorry to read your about your experience. I do not focus on WP but have dev’ed them in the past. If you have active WP sites, please take the time to check infosec advisories. I have no affiliations with either of these sites.:

http : fragglesrock

http : fragglesrock

What you went through iz not kewl.
I have a friend who spent 3 thousand USD for five HTML documents and two digital images
that where late, she is still endeavoring to receive the contractually agreed upon product.
This is what motivated me to join I couldn’t believe it. I have a little experience in IT
and web dev. One valuable thing I have learned that I want to share. Stay positive, focus on your objectives, page views and time on documents, analytics, testing, etc. Energy spent chasing down $100.00 is not an efficient use of your time. %uck that guy. The web is, as I am sure you are aware, extremely competitive. Expend your resources on achieving your goals and objectives. Consider contracts that have failure to meet deadline and development standards clauses to CYA. http : fragglesrock Good luck sir. Have phun!

Trying to stay positive ;),


I’d say I’ve had at least half a dozen bad experiences on Fiverr in relation to trying to get Wordpress sites built. A flaw in the feedback system is that if they cancel the order (and provide a refund) there is no way to leave feedback. Even if you get lucky with a refund there should still be the option to leave feedback based on your experience. I have raised this multiple times with Fiverr CS but they don’t want to know, too busy collecting their commissions.

this is really bad fiverr need to do something and make it better place

Reply to @lunabea: Thanks for your comment. It’s my first time but you know $100 for a lesson though :smiley:

Reply to @kay2809: Reported!

Reply to @idesigngraphic: Thanks for the comment :smiley:

Reply to @lunabea: If the buyer accepted to pay via PayPal and outside of Fiverr, I’m not sure Customer Support will help him.

Reply to @designbybliss: The dispute is not for personal transaction right?

Reply to @chimmy91: Correct - I think you have to pay for it by them sending you an invoice or you selecting the “Goods and Services” button. Honestly, even if you paid for it Via the “Friends and Family” option (which people use to avoid fees), I’d still fight for it and see if you can’t get PayPal to reverse the transaction.

Reply to @designbybliss: Thanks a lot for the advice. Will try :smiley:

Reply to @chimmy91: No, when you expose seller’s name and gig you get a Sheriff’s note, just a warning.
You could get banned from Fiverr admins because you paid directly using Paypal instead of Fiverr payment system (which is naturally against Fiverr TOS).

Reply to @kjblynx: I didn’t think CS would/could help on the funds since the buyer paid directly through PayPal. CS might ban the seller which they probably should. They might ban the buyer but maybe they’ll let buyer go since the $100 is lost.

I could be wrong, though. Have you heard of them issuing credit in a case like this? If so it would be useful info to have.

Reply to @mark74: I contacted the customer support, i wont mind my account get banned but just make sure that they ban the seller as well so that he won’t scam others in the future.

Reply to @chimmy91: yes, that’s the best you can do!