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A strange buyer said jpgs are of no use and later asked to remove fiverr logo from delivered files

Hey Guys,

Today, a strange buyer came to me. He asked me to format the book. i said $40 then he said he just need 3 pages revised so he will send me PSDs to change text onthose 3. i said okay for $5. After the work is completed, he asked me to replace these three in the PDF he has - means the work worth $40 for $5. LOL. i refused. Then he said the jpgs I sent are of no use. I said okay and I sent the PSDs as he requested original files with new text. After that, LOL, he asked me to remove fiverr logo from jpgs. LOL, I said you just said that jpgs are of no use so why do I remove fiverr logo - then he had no answer.

means, some buyers want everything for nothing…


Yeap, definitely Lol, brother :slight_smile:

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