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A Strange Thing- One Order, No Review but Six Favorites!

I’ve a Fiverr gig with only one order (completed). No review. But my gig is favorite to six persons! I don’t know what happened. Looking for some real stories like me.

People browse through gigs and mark the ones they like as their favorites.
That’s nothing unusual. Be happy that people like your gig ;).

Now 7 favorites :smiley:

I still don’t know how many buyers and sellers marked my gig as favorites…Please can anybody tell me where can i get to know that?

Favourites appear at the top right-hand side of the gig.
You’ve 39 favourites for your best seller gig. :slight_smile:

sorry but i still can’t see it…can you please send some screenshot…thankyou

Check this out

But i am not been able to see it…should i contact to CS about this?

I think, Yes.
Contact CS.


@raptargraphix wow, that is quite a visual:)