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A suggestion for

A suggestion for
Minimum $ 05 from 2018.
d like to increase to $ 10
I suggest


Uhhh… “Fiverr.” I think it’s a play on the word 5. For $5.



Minimum $ 05
To $ 10
Suggestions to update are not good?

What’s stopping you from increasing your base rate to $10?


One of the amazing things about Fiverr is that once you get sales going on one of your gigs, you can play with the pricing to figure out where the market really is.

I remember the first time I jumped up to $75 on one of my gigs (to slow down my sales when I got too busy), I suddenly got hit with a bunch of orders. Obviously I had been charging too little. Since then, sometimes I’ve been too high, and I’ve walked things back. But buyers are willing to pay for what they need on Fiverr, far beyond $5.


I say it
Minimum $ 5
It’s better if you can increase as $ 10
(I proposed a proposal)

What you say is right
(I have made a suggestion)


And it was a good suggestion too! I liked it!


Does placement of the gig changes in searches when we increase the price or make some modifications in the gig?

I did got the idea of why u said so as fiverr charges for the orders we complete and $5 which is the lowest now. Too many proposals are bid in this amount and buyers too go for it to get what they want. In a way it is a downfall for us seller to sell in $5 because of too much competition on the same service and to stand out we use cheaper rate. Revenue cut would be $2 so my suggestion is please keep it by $2 only just change the rate to $10 as minimum not its revenue. And no other changes.

Thank you for your interest

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Revenue Clearance time for Level 2 sellers should be maximum 1 week.

I agree because of the increasing cost of all aspects of our life.