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A suggestion for Fiverr - Exclude specific nationalities


This is going to sound a bit racist but it is a problem I am dealing with over and over again

There are certain nationalities that cause me so much trouble and over and over again, I would love for fiverr to give sellers an option to exclude traffic from specific nationalities.

When I get an order, I always know that they are going to steal my work and then fiverr backing the buyer and then me as the seller being punished for it

I am sure I am not alone on this.


You know, you DO have the right and the ability to say “no” to anyone who contacts you about a gig, right?

Never send out free work as a demo, audition, or sample. Provide the same previous work samples that you have posted on your gig, watermarked if that’s an option for your work.

Never take the bait on the “do this first one cheap and I’ll send you lots more work” line.

You’ll know pretty quickly when someone is trying to scam you. This isn’t based on nationality. It’s based on what they say and how they behave in trying to solicit work from you.


Thank you for this.

I have to admit I’m a little biased against the original post because I’m a victim of people stereotyping my nationality.

Sorry for all that trouble, @pebble85 but maybe what you need to do is figure out what mistakes you’re making that make you more susceptible than others to being scammed.
If we ban whole nationalities from Fiverr, a lot more people would be affected than just the scammers in those countries.


That is true for every single person on the planet.

Banning entire nationalities would indeed be an overreaction. One of my very best customers is in a country that routinely gets bashed here for this very concern. You gotta be careful, but you can’t assume an individual’s merit based on group identity. There’s way too much damage being done because of that lately in many places.


Dr. King would be ashamed how far we’ve gotten away from that point.


Some of them just make an order, so i don’t always have the ability to say ‘no’, then I am in the 'try to avoid a refund before it hurts my ranking’ trap, not every order on fiverr involves communication before an order, I am pretty sure they purposely single me out I offer the best service and they know before the order that they’re gonna screw me

As an experienced seller, I know with 100% certainty, I can pick the best gigs on fiver and steal their work and get away with it and the seller has nothing they can do about it,


Not if you refuse the refund. Don’t ever give a refund if you did the work.


Are you a seller? lol The buyer just tells fiverr support that they want a refund and Fiverr support give the refund to her/him, I have ZERO leverage whatsoever, your suggestion is not making sense to be honest

This is the whole point of the thread, I deliver the work and they leave me a 5star rating then a week later, they opt for a dispute and refund and they always get their money back along with my work that they already have used since a week ago


No, I am not a seller. I defer to your greater knowledge on the subject, based on the great results you are yielding.


You’re welcome, try to keep up Padawan :wink:


I am just a victim of thieves. There is no way to solve it, my process couldn’t be more solid, but as we all know, Fiverr always support the buyer and not the sellers


That just isn’t true, but you have to be ready to battle and defend yourself.


This sounds more like you are being targeted by the same scammer using different accounts. I see you offer mainly merch products. Couldn’t you find your merch online and use some dark review force against your scammery buyer?

If I pay you to create a T-shirt design for me but don’t pay, you would have success getting Amazon and even eBay to remove items. - Providing you can find them.

I was getting plagued several (seemingly) different scammers a while ago. As soon as I penned a world of pain into a review for their product, every scammer in a 5,000 mile radius started giving me a wide berth. - Use the force. Find your T-shirt designs and make as much noise as possible about how awful the company selling them is.


I was waiting for you to say that. Bravo! :grin:


This is disgusting!

The last thing I wanted to read in this Community is…

Openly discussing on how to discriminate against others. :roll_eyes:

How can people Buyers/Sellers alike feel OK visiting… If this kinda stuff is tolerated?

It makes the Community look bad asf!


But the problem wouldn’t exist if sellers had better payment protection from Fiverr. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. Statistics show that 60% of people who can use a chargeback or similar to get goods online FOC, will use the same tactic to do so again in the next 60-days.

If I have a shop in the UK and kids in hoodies keep on stealing stuff, I have every right to ban them and even install special sonic devices which make teenagers nauseous to keep them from loitering outside.

There is nothing racist about being the victim of a crime perpetrated by anyone and complaining that you have no ability to stop the crime being perpetrated over and over.


Segregating/quarantining certain Nationalities is my gripe. OP is basing it on an entire group of people instead of the individual. People from certain regions are not out to scam or rip off others. There will always be a few bad :apple: apples in the bunch.

Sure, I don’t dispute that 5r could do a better job in combatting the issue at hand. It would be wondrous if 5r get a grip on the CB and stopping certain individuals from getting away with the crime over and over again.

Yup! It would be a horrible decision.


This looks like a thread I should stay away from. But while I’m here most of my bad experiences have been from people in the West. I’m not taking names but it’s a different situation for everyone.


And you’d face a great big huge fine: :wink:


The ability to filter buyers by nationalities: bad idea.
More protection for sellers: good idea.

Right now it feels like scammers get free reign by abusing our desire not to cancel. Of course, you could just say ‘screw the metrics’, forget about the level system, and focus on building up a client base–but I don’t know if that’s everyone’s goal. The badge is compelling.


My experience with customers in Fiverr is quite good, but one of the most unpleasant ones was with a customer located only at 200 Km. from my office.