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A suggestion for fiverr team

Fiverr provides us kool features in its application by observing our demands and updating its application time and again.

I want to give a suggestion which, if fiverr team ponder, would be good for people communicating on fiverr platform during order completion.

Both the communicating parties, when sending messages, even being online do not know if the message has been read or not.

So it would be better if fiverr add a feature in its application which would let either party know that the message sent has been read by the other party, like other chatting application has by popping “seen” and giving a slight sound like “ding”. That way it confirms that the message has been viewed rather than being in uncertainty and waiting for the other party.


It’s been discussed already… How would it help you to know that your message was seen if the buyer still isn’t answering you?

And what if you read a message from the buyer, but have no time to respond, and the buyer thinks you’re ignoring them because they know you’ve seen their message?


I usually don’t have my clients who don’t answer me. Your clients only ignore you when you have done something bad to them, and in fact you have not gotten the point exactly.

Its better one should know what is going on, good or bad, but I am talking about normal and amicable circumstances.

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I have never wanted to know if someone read my message or not and I definitely don’t want others to know if I read theirs. Why would I care if they read it or not?

All that would do is make people mad. They see you read their message without answering. No thanks.

More suggestion maybe, it would be good if Fiverr can add a “sick condition” as one of the out of office mode.

It Will have a special feature like a special icon or some explanation so our buyer can understand our condition if we are being sick and not able to deliver job fast.

Of course it conditions Will be limited for maybe one time usage per month to avoid any seller using this exception for late delivering their job.

Just a suggestion maybe

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Your suggestion is applicable if i were fiverr owner :sweat_smile:

The point is not whether people read our messages or not. It is when you are working on a project and you need to know if your client has read the message in which you have asked a question relating to the project being done, and you are waiting for the reply and do not know if he/she has seen the message. Yet if reply doesn’t come, arleast you are satisfied that the message has been seen and would be replied and no need to worry.

You can look at the time stamp on the messages you sent and see the last time he was online and assume if he came online after you sent the message he saw it.

They also have the message you send sent to their email. So they could have read the email even if they never came to fiverr.

Until you receive the reply, there’s no guarantee that you will get it.

I understand that, so far, you didn’t have trouble with unresponsive buyers, but a lot of sellers did (and complained about it on the forum). That’s why ‘seen’ wouldn’t really help, because there’s no guarantee that there will be a reply, and/or that it will come soon enough that the order doesn’t get marked as late.

I don’t get a reply no problem. But I have done my part. This is not just that my order will get cancelled but I have done my part, I have saved myself from beign gulity. Inner satisfaction is utmost. I believe in thinking positive and giving benifit to my clients, leave the rest on Nature.

See this is why I am requesting to add this feature to avoid assumptions. And yes he gets the email but yet you are not sure if he went though it or not. After all whatsapp and facebook messangers added that feature and that makes our communication better and easier rather than we assume things. Thanks for the replies. Even here I would not know until I open fiverr forum. Forum icon should also dsplay notification when we get a message.

You have done your part by sending that message.

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Yes this is what I believe in and that gives me a satisfaction that I did what I have to now if I don’t get a reaply the burden would not fall on me, this is why I am suggesting it should be added. Also for those who want to plead their case with the support will have a proof by providing a screenshot. Yet the most important is inner satisfaction.

You can provide CS with the screenshot of the message you sent, and thus prove that you did your part.

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Yes that is also a good idea.

You cannot tell where his eyes looked either so maybe you need to attach some kind of thing to his eyes or you won’t know for sure what he actually looked at.

Just because he was online after you sent the message, and just because he also gets an email every time someone sends him a message, does not mean his EYES saw it. Maybe his eyes were closed.

So if you know for sure he read your message but didn’t answer you can then harass him and send a message to him:

Hey! I know you saw my message! Why don’t you answer me?

Then you will see he read that message too but still won’t answer you. So you can send another message:

Why don’t you answer? I can see when you read my messages.

Of course you will be getting those kind of messages too, and then you can complain on the forum that you don’t want to answer some people but they get mad when you don’t answer them.


Hahahahahaha true. We will somehow have to have a way to his eyes, but opening the conversation window means he has seen the message and this is what is required.

Or we could also do “knock knock” on his eyes to have his attention…lol

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Hahahaha…I think fiverr will not tolerate our (this kind) of conversation anymore. So better keep mum. Let fiverr decide what is best. I said what I felt like. Anyway can you tell me how to bring fiverr forum icon on my ipad4 desktop or homepage?

Exactly right. I agree with You. Cause sometimes it takes huge time to understand and making a meaningful reply. It will better for us,especially for the seller,that Fiverr could not update this feature.