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A suggestion regarding blogs with "contact former clients", "ask clients for reviews" tips

This happened to me years ago, and it was a journalist who was doing a story about Fiverr. I’m not against interviews, they don’t violate TOS, they give you free publicity. Imagine if 1,000 people read the story and 1% of the readers decide to contact you, that’s 10 possible orders.

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This was from a lady in Russia who didn’t introduce herself or fully explain why she wanted to interview me. She had an air of entitlement about it as if she felt I would be flattered and thrilled by her generous offer.

I then felt hostility from her when I turned her down.

I have had enough important jobs and various prestigious things in my life already so it’s not anything I’m interested in no matter who she was.

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I feel like they want to leverage sellers who speak English well and are professional and successful.

Fiverr wants to improve their image instead of addressing the reasons it is so bad. It is offensive, in a way.

She wasn’t with fiverr. Just some random person.

Got it. I was referring to the official Fiverr blog.

Does Fiverr have a bad image? I admit that every unhappy client can vent about Fiverr, but there are plenty of happy clients, including VIP’s, startups, and others who have used Fiverr successfully.

I admit Fiverr does seem to have a bias for English speakers. On my phone app, I’m not allowed to switch to Spanish and speak to the iPhone, instead, I have to type in Spanish which takes longer.

The fact is not everyone speaks or writes English. I was getting messages in Italian from a very nice guy, had to use google translate to read them and to reply. I think Fiverr should be more welcoming to those who don’t speak English.

They also need to stop tweeting about politics on social media, specially U.S. politics. This is the kind of nonsense we expect from Silicon Valley, Fiverr should know better.

In certain places it does have a bad image and it is seen in many places as a place to go for cheap poor quality. Countless bad reviews and negative discussions, loads of criticism on Twitter, most popular blog posts about it are quite scathing, a lot of criticism about poor communication and poor results. I’ve had several buyers who chose me because I was the only one who had the skills and could communicate properly.

So not necessarily a bad image everywhere, but I know they are trying to appear as a more professional place for higher end work. It has a reputation for sub-standard service from people who barely know English, scams, etc. Not really justified, of course, but a perception.


I hate that too. I’ve worked at an airport for a while, and as there are “celebrities” of the one or other kind showing up regularly, and the close city is kind of Media City too, there was no shortage of reporter teams. A few times, some wanted to film/interview me, and without fail were pushy/hostile when I said no. I can’t stand their attitude, all of them I’ve encountered so far act as if everyone is keen on having their face on some newspaper, magazine or TV.
No, I’m not.
And I don’t need to tell you why. When I say no, it’s no, leave me in peace, there are more than enough people who’d be thrilled if you ask them.

I’ve been asked for an interview through the Fiverr message system too.
I looked the guy’s name up, and it seemed legit enough, i.e., perhaps not a hopeful copycat who’d then want to impersonate me on some other platform :wink:
but I doubt he asked Fiverr if he may use their system to ask a user for an interview - I think if he had, he’d have told me, at least that’s what I would do, as anything else seems really unprofessional.
Also, this interviewer/researcher didn’t seem to have done his research homework, as he asked for an interview via sk*pe, so I was happy to tell him that even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be allowed due to to Fiverr’s ToS.

Let me add that he said I can send him a $10 gig for my time. No, sorry, you don’t get to decide what my time is worth.
Apart from that, it was insulting to me.
Had I wanted to do it and hadn’t it been against the ToS in the way he went about it, I wouldn’t have asked for money for that.
Some people probably just don’t get it that not everyone is like them or something.


After I said no to the lady who asked for an interview, she said “do you mind if I ask why not?”

I was flabbergasted at her gall. Just go away, I’m trying to work here. She hadn’t even explained why she wanted to interview me, but wanted an explanation from me about why I wouldn’t do it. I can’t imagine someone being so obtuse and pompous. I blocked her.

Now that I think about it, it was right after that when I got an order that sent up red flags from the start, then the woman left me a bad review immediately upon delivery. The entire order was obviously fake. I knew it from the beginning. This was so unheard of for me, I wondered who I had offended.

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" you don’t get to decide what my time is worth."

Good for you. The entitlement is appalling!

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Years ago, I was a volunteer with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, I helped man 24/7 monitoring of a Peregrine Falcon nest site. (They’re rare and people try to steal their eggs.)

We got on the news as someone was caught smuggling eggs into the UK with them strapped to his body. As he eggs were alive, we took 2 and had these implanted into our nest in the hope that the mother falcon would adopt them.

The BBC and a famous UK wildlife presenter arrived with the team implanting the eggs… - And then it was carnage. They terrified the birds and when they had flown off, started trampling and hacking down shrubs on the nest site so that their cameraman could get better shots.

One of our chicks had already hatched and they almost stood on it! The behavior of the entire crew was appalling. For one, the shrubs they hacked down where protecting the nest (on a ledge on a cliff) from the wind. However, the major concern was that they had scared the parent birds off instead of waiting for them to go off hunting. - Because they were on a tight schedule.

The girl I worked for who manned the site 24/7 and lived in a dilapidated caravan was in tears. There was a huge risk that the parent falcons wouldn’t come back. When they did, it was also hours later, during which time all the eggs could have perished.

I was shocked and appalled by the brutishness of the supposedly wildlife loving BBC. As a result, I haven’t been able to watch a wildlife documentary since.


Whoa. So sad.

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I know some people on Twitter that will post harsh comments to any post relating to Fiverr. Back when they first encouraged advertising our services on social media, I made one post on my personal account in regards to my services and the first response was a recommendation to go to a real freelancing platform. This was done once and only once for Fiverr.

Yeah I tried that U-place (formerly another name) but that place is worse than here and a lot of clients that utilize that place to get work done like to undermine the system. Their blogs could be so much better if they wrote for users of the site as well in addition to those that aren’t on the site.

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