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A Suggestion to Deal With Certain Buyers

There are some buyers who simply don’t pay attention to gig descriptions. My gig descriptions clearly state, in highlighted, bold lettering, that all buyers should contact me before placing an order. Yet, some don’t. Those who don’t usually end up with cancelled orders. Clearly there must be a reason for me putting that caveat in my gig description.

I, therefore, have a suggestion for the Fiverr leaders. Create a buyer’s guide or info graphic. An info graphic may even prove more useful since visuals are more memorable than written words. The Fiverr programmers could make this short one-page guide or info graphic a pop-up every time a buyer is about to place an order. It would detail the fact that the buyer needs to read the gig description carefully, the rules of the arbitration process, and remind the buyer to contact the seller before ordering. A strategy like this could help reduce the number of cancelled orders.

This is just my suggestion. These time wasting buyers are becoming very annoying.

In my experience, no matter how in-your-face you are with someone about rules, details, or reading instructions, there will always be people who just plain don’t do any of those things.

Giving them more things to read and hopefully pay attention to isn’t likely to fix the problem.

I think they need some more how to videos and they should be presented to new users at least immediately after they sign up, going through all the basics, if Fiverr’s doesn’t have time to do it themselves then maybe they can employ the services of a seller? :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea! Visual learning, and using sellers to create the videos.

This is a really good idea. I just think that something needs to be done.