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A suggestion to fiverr


I suggest that fiverr should keep the overall rating minimum level to about 6.0% rather than 9.8% because I have experienced that despite providing the quality of work upto the mark, some clients does’t give seller 5 stars just to show that their rating is very jugmental and analytical whereas they are 100% satified with the work, and just landing the seller in the danger zone saying I just don’t give anybody 5 stars. So dropping the rating to below 7.8% not only effects seller performance but also mitigates fiverr’s business. I request fiverr to keep it to minimum so that sellers could survive and fiverr could also have more befit from its clients. I request users write their comments whether it should be or not. Thanks!


I’ve no interest in campaigning for rule-changes to fiverr. I just do my best to work with it as it is. The more energy I have for improving my gigs\service, the better.


You are right, sir I also do my best to provide quality service to my clients but just few do it out of no reason, and I just gave a suggestion to fiverr and its a request not a campaign. Thanks!


you asked for opinions, that was just my own.


The rating given to sellers isn’t only about the final delivery, it’s about the whole experience they had, since placing the other, then communicating with seller and then the delivery (and many other aspects during the journey).

These rating weren’t created to make sellers survive, it was created to sellers have a standard to follow.

I honestly prefer it could be a total average of 90% ratings (summing Response Rate, Deliver on time, Order Completion and Ratings), so if you fail in one, you could have all the other 3 to support.

In my opinion 60% is extremely low for the best and most competitive online services marketplace.


I respect your suggestion sir, your suggestion might be far better than mine. Thanks you.


Yes I agree there should be no compromise on quality


Yes…, Totally agree!
Most of Seller only care for the money and the 5 star. They didn’t care with their customer service at all. To survive on Fiverr, always deliver more than client expected, and don’t afraid to do the hard work.

The Competition is very high in here, more and more seller come with very low budget.
If you skill is stagnant, and you don’t improve your customer care, how it’s possible to survive on this battlefield.


A little over-dramatic perhaps?

I agree that there have to be high standards to encourage everybody to do their best.

However, I’m not sure that 96% is a realistic ‘pass rate’ for everybody when you take into account all the things which are potentially outwith the seller’s control, but which can be included in the stats for demotion etc.

Either keep the standards exceptionally high, or fix the bugs - doing both at the same time doesn’t seem to be working, or perhaps it is? :wink:


The real battlefield is on the forums.

But it’s fun to be a spectator to that battle.


That is genuinely sad to read. :frowning:


Nooo I meant it as a joke. ;w;
Many people come to the forums upset, or some to argue.
Sometimes it feels like there is a :crossed_swords: war going on with Fiverr bugs and people are trying to find a resolution.