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A Sunday tip for sellers

As I see this again and again in a wide range of topics, from sellers asking to improve their gigs to lamenting about plummeting sales or even when replying to other topics, here is a Sunday tip.

Learn proper English!
If your spelling, syntax, phrasing or vocabulary is all over the placer (or rather nowhere), that’s exactly where you’ll go when trying to promote/improve your gig - Nowhere.

Learning English is now readily available online, conveniently at your disposal and FREE. A quick Google search turns up lots of valuable results.

So do yourself a favor, take some time from spamming this forum with the same replies or spamming Quora with links to your gigs and spend it on something valuable. You’ll discover remarkable returns on your time.

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your sunday tip.
I’m almost 3 month here in this market place.
And when i get my first order.
My buyer did’nt know what kind of design acctually he needed.
I tried my best for him and he was happy with the design but he gave me 4.7 rating.
He did that because he felt my english level is weak.
After that i’m tring to learn more english and it’s really helps me to get more orders.
But it’s still weak so i’m tring to learn more and more.


I second this!

The excuse is always that you don’t need strong English unless you are delivering English text. No. If a seller can’t communicate with you or doesn’t think they they can, they won’t hire you.

And it isn’t fair to expect your buyers to decode what you’re trying to say. It takes up their time, it’s stressful and makes mistakes more likely.

On top of this, buyers tend to assume sellers are unprofessional if their gigs and communications are full of poor English.

As you say there are loads of free resources. No excuse for not improving your English.


Try this website

Free and course materials look like quality stuff.


Um no, not that site. :roll_eyes:


Do you know any another site?

The site looks ok. I don’t know where that mangled word came from. I don’t see any on the site.


@misscrystal - huh? not sure i understand

It’s in the page’s meta description - see page source.

<meta name="description" content="Free English courses with professional English teachers. Beginnger to advanced

That’s not how you spell it. If the site had beginner spelled that way, I hope no one tries to learn English on it.

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Have you actually visited the website? Or just grammar police-ing on the fast-forward :wink:
To explain myself as I see you have a knack of jumping to conclusions: I am questioning whether it is fair to ascertain judgements of value based snippets of information?
And before you answer really really quick, please do note the question above is meant to be rhetorical/Socratic .
Also, this is all in good spirits, so don’t get inflamed. It’s Sunday :wink:

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I was nice enough to explain what I meant when you asked. That should have been the end of it.

I’m fine and you? Why not take your own suggestion.

I said the site was ok but the word was mangled.

Beginnger isn’t a word. The end.


Let’s indeed start with the basics. I bet that if a statistic would be made, offers that are made in proper, great English are converting significantly higher than those that are not… :slight_smile:


The post pointing out the typo on a “Learn English” site, together with MissC’s next post that clearly says she thinks the site is okay, rather made me laugh and added to the all in good spirits of the thread than looking like grammar policing. It’s simply funny (though the one or other buyer who’d get a delivery with such a typo might disagree ;)).

Good Sunday tip in either case, although several similar threads might hint at wishful thinking :wink: repetition and reaching other new forum readers could work.

And hats off to anyone, especially adults, who work on their foreign language skills, or even start learning a new language.

Perfection isn’t necessary nor expected in most cases, getting to a “workable” level and ideally keeping improving oneself lifelong is good enough and also beneficial for a lot of things, not just orders, the brain appreciates any efforts.


Thank you miiila. I’m glad someone here get’s it. I thought it was funny.


I have great English communication skill and i’'m not doing any kind of spamming here and there but i’m still waiting to get my first order. I’m seeing client’s budget is another issues for not getting any order so far. They don’t offer a good price based on gig/product, some of them asked free services.