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A support agent cost fiverr $8


This is a story of what happened with me days ago.

I got an order about a video intro, i do the same intro for all buyers, if a buyer likes it i can do it using his logo, so the project for the intro is saved i can’t change anything i just place the logo and the intro is rendered.

after deliverring, te buyer tried getting a free intro and his money back, he requested chanegs but didn’t ask for any changes, he just said i don’t like it.

i said you have to explain to me wht you need changed sir so that i can help you, he didn he said i did a bad job and that it doesn’t look like the sample video and asked me to give him his money back.

i was cool about it, i went for support explined the situation and that the buyers is unreasonable because the gig is te same fo everybody.

So miss n**** from support, without even thinking or investigating the problem, she cancelled the order and replied to me saying : thank you for contacting us, i cancelled te order for you :slight_smile:

i said are you kidding me and explained it, when she realised that she made a mistake, she said : we cancelled the order because we got a complaint from the buyer about it and we demand from sellers to be professional in their work, which shows tha she again never cared to understand the problem and called me unproffesional.

i replied saying : so if i make an order now and buy from someone and then after he delivers i complain to you and say that i don’ like it, you will give me my money back and i can download the delivered file ?

this is when another agent (male) interfered and i found a $8 added to my balance and sorry message from the new agent.

So the buyer got a free work and his money back, i got $8 added to my balance and a sorry message and ai demanded miss n***** for an apology but she didn’t, instead another female agent apologized for her.

Tat’s the story, first time happens to me, did it happen to anybody else ?

*Sorry for the horrible english :grin:


Mistakes can happen. Maybe the agent was still fairly new and in training. At least you got your money back .

It was nice to get an apology regardless of who gave you the apology.

Thanks for sharing your story.


I’ve seen it too that they don’t always read the tickets fully. But most do, thankfully!

Also, it didn’t cost Fiverr anything. Only you. All refunded $ goes to shopping balance which they must spend on gigs, apparently.


No sir, the $ were added to my sales balance and i withdrawed it with my other revenues the next day


Everyone can have a bad day, or make a mistake - it’s what proves we’re human, not robots.

In the same we we shouldn’t be calling out other buyers/sellers, the same respect should be given to Fiverr employees.

I’ve dealt with several Fiverr support staff, including the person you mentioned, and each and every interaction has been superb.



Yeah actually i’m sharing a story not celebrating getting $8, nice meme tho :watermelon:


If you like it heart :heart: it!

I know bud, it was just humor…:wink:


I know, support is always doing their job well, i’m just sharing what happened