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A thought regarding fiverr pro


FIVERR PRO is a huge step-up for seller on fiverr. seller now can receive a good value for their artistic and practical skills. This brings high value clients to the site.

the way fiver pro tag is given to (mostly) new seller is kind of heart breaking …yes …yes… everyone can apply for this and can get this opportunity but the standards/marit (social media followers etc) to get this is not right .

FIVERR should first consider the seller ,who have worked for years on the site and made a great portfolio from hard work and helped the site to progress .if they are missing something then fiverr should arrange a workshop(or something) so they can also reach to the professional level of their careers.

FIVERR PRO should be given to these people first .

seeing a new seller , selling a same service for 3k $ and a old seller selling a same service for 30$ is quite discouraging.(yes …yes .price is in the hand of each seller but the exposure given to them from website is not ,which makes all the difference ).

Thanks for the read


It is given to “new sellers” on Fiverr, but those sellers are far from being new in their niche and industry - they have proven track records on big companies / firms, have had great results and working experience, credentials, etc. Although they are “new” on Fiverr, they are more experienced in real world than many top sellers who only worked on Fiverr :slight_smile:

Most of the PRO sellers have even better portfolios & recommendations that come from the real world outside of Fiverr, which makes them great candidates for that badge - think of people who designed famous logos like Apple’s logo, famous actors, people who created or assisted top businesses, and so on. I would even dare to say that PRO = big names in the industry.

The difference again is that the PRO “new seller” offering $3K for the same service has proven experience and portfolios outside of Fiverr, popularity, great recommendations ffrom rbig companies, etc., so it’s obvious that they can charge more than someone whose experience and/or portfolio is limited to Fiverr.

And in the end, nothing is stopping you from charging the same :slight_smile: And if you are a big name outside of Fiverr, then you can apply for the PRO badge yourself and get that badge, too.


you are right my friend, i understand your point these people definitely have followers and practical experience outside fiverr. but from that point of view ,the time a person spent to build a profile on fiverr and the handwork that goes into it have no value .

let say you have worked with 6k + project,the experience you got from it and the feedback you got for these people ,does this have any value in outside world …

My Point was ,as fiverr is welcome those people on to their platform why not give this opportunity to the old seller without any extra commitment ,who have proven themselves here on fiverr.

just a thought :slight_smile:


But they do give that opportunity to the old sellers. Some of the old sellers got Pro badges, too, by applying and proving that they have worked on big projects and with big clients.

Have you tried applying?

What do you mean, no value? You have your clients and your reviews, and you’re earning. Is everything you have accomplished so far worthless to you if you don’t get the Pro badge?


I am one of the old sellers that became a Pro seller. I was invited to apply and was accepted as the Pro program launched. I had been on Fiverr for three years at that time and was a TRS. I also had a portfolio of work done outside of Fiverr as I have been a freelance writer for more than 6 six years and I have more than 15-years of digital marketing experience.

Fiverr Pro wants freelancers who not only do excellent work, but who are experienced in working with clients with bigger budgets and are comfortable with higher price points. The entire Pro program is not really about sellers. It is about attracting larger clients with bigger budgets to Fiverr. It gives them confidence that they will find the type of professionals they are used to working with in one convenient place.



Think of it like a business. If your business was known for dirt cheap, low quality, high quantity, work. And you made $1 from each order that your sellers provided to your buyers. You would introduce some not so nice clientele and your sellers would start to abandon the platform, losing your $1 per order.

First step, allow sellers to sell things for more than $5, boom! You now have the opportunity to earn more per order. But problem, sellers aren’t producing products that meet the price point they are selling. Thereby, buyers are now branding your platform as expensive, and low quality.

How do they get buyers back? Help them to understand that their sellers are professionals. How do they do that? Attract real world professionals who “do it for a living”. Their definition of that is based upon reputation outside of Fiverr, but also reputation inside of Fiverr. Now they have an expensive and high quality portfolio.

I just wish they would bring in more Pro into the IT space (beyond web design).


That would be great. There is a huge demand for freelance IT professionals.


I think it’s hard for them to validate professionals in that space as there isn’t really a “portfolio” you can reference, besides a resume/CV I suppose…


thanks everyone for explaining ,i got the bigger picture,thank you :slight_smile: