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A Tiny Rant and How This Buyer Made Me LOL today

A buyer ordered a custom gig, I did the work and she asked a number of questions afterward and wanted some items moved around (due to her site’s poor css) - I felt bad for her as her website was really, really poorly coded and improperly laid out. So I sent her a number of points to help her clean the site. As sellers; we do what we can, right?

When I informed her the work was completed and that css had to be altered (only in the footer) - I don’t think she understood, no matter how many times I explained it. As well, she stated she wasn’t technical, which is ok - but if ye aren’t technical ye gotta listen to people who are. Long story short; she asked for a refund claiming that I didn’t do what she asked for outside of the gig specifications. I’m totally floored. But, believe that when Fiverr support reads the info in the chat, looks to see the gig was completed, I’d win any arbitration… nope.

Fiverr cancelled the gig (after it was closed and accepted two weeks ago) and with zero arbitration and gave her the $75 back. At first I was a bit perturbed… then I checked her site and Google citation only to realize she did have someone delete my work. Great! No copyright violation to send her!

But the best part of all:

In our chats, I tried to tell her that the G+ page she was trying to use was incorrect, it was a dupe and not validated.

In her infinite wisdom, it appears she went ahead and not only deleted my work but had Google delete the page I worked on…

She had Google delete the wrong page… :slight_smile: