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A tip for buyers of graphic design to avoid wasting money

Before you order, make a clear appointment about getting a sample of the work BEFORE he delivers because many sellers are cowboys lacking skills and after delivery you cannot cancel anymore and he can refuse a refund.

If a buyer refuses to make this appointment you should not trust him. Of course still no guarantee but it can help.

I have to disagree with you. It is buyers like you that give all buyers a bad name. Some buyers using your logic in “requesting a sample” are usually after free work.
The onus is on YOU as a buyer to review ENTIRELY the profile of the seller you have chosen to deal with. Failure to do so, the result, will be no one’s fault but your own. Reviews are visible for a reason. And if you are not satisfied with the Sellers profile, then move on! There are hundreds of thousands of capable and excellent sellers on site, take your time and find the one that suits your needs.
With that said, if a seller refuses to “provide samples” you cannot tell persons not to trust him/her. Firstly we are NOT authorized to send you anything you have NOT paid for. You want to see what a seller’s work is like, then go to their account and view their portfolio. If that isn’t good enough then find someone else and don’t complain.
Be fair and you will receive fairness.


lol, a sample?

Unless you have a budget of more than 100$
No professional designer will waste their time making “samples” for you.

I don’t do samples. Especially “special” samples (I’m a writer). You request one, and I’ll say no and claim NDA. If I’m feeling nice, I might send you a random sample from over a decade of work. We are not obligated to send samples. Only to direct you to a portfolio (oh wait, TOS says no)

Completely agree with @advertiser_seo. If you really have $100+ budget, then $5 is a fair price for a sample.

I have a super seller designer who in fact does make samples for $5 gigs, sends them to me free to see if I like them and then I place the order. He did it the first time I ever contacted him. I have never disliked anything he has sent me. Amazing. He stays extremely busy.

ToS says yes. It has really always said yes, it just had a more limited set of URL’s for ages.

Why request samples? Isn’t that what Live Portfolio is for? Back in my infancy on the site, there was a buyer that requested a sample of the desired work.

Result? Didn’t hear from them again.

“after delivery you cannot cancel anymore and he can refuse a refund.”

You can request a refund again, or write customer service if he refuses.

No professional designer will agree to working 4+ hours to generate quality work and asume the risk of not even earning 1 penny.

#1 I do not send samples because they are not as good as the final result and I am positive the buyer would like more the final work so, why take the chance?

#2 What if I come up with a great design, ask for a fair price 30+ dollars the seller refuses and then takes the work to another seller and gets it for 5$?

#3 Graphic designers have a lot of costs, the software alone is 700 dollars/year.

My opinion: You will not find a good graphic designer that will accept to work for free.

Never give away free work without an order.

That’s what the portfolio is for. Check reviews of seller and do reverse image research on his gig samples by tinyeye . com. This will show you that either image is copied clipart or originally made by seller. If tinyeye shows 0 results, this mean the image is originally designed by seller.

Reply to @jonbaas: I agree!

Reply to @jonbaas:

Your reaction makes no sense, I suggest read again.

Reply to @mariarajput786:

A large part of the reviews are unreliable, so is the status level 2 or topseller and star ratings. Reverse image search is no guarantee for good work, only to check for scammers. You too read more careful before commenting please.

I talk about an order that’s being proceeded and how to avoid being forced accepting crap because a seller delivers to fast. As a seller I ONLY deliver after discussion to make sure that the buyer is fully satisfied. As a buyer I want a proof of work before he delivers, some sellers add a watermark to protect themselves from dishonest buyers, that’s fine. I want to judge the work that I’m paying for BEFORE I get a delivery. By experience you learn!

An order on Fiverr is too often pure GAMBLING and wasting money. I want what I pay for, simple.

Reply to @alw1nl: First, you have no evidence that levels are unreliable. Second, you’ve discussed the same topics in other posts in the Tips for Buyers category so there is no need of ongoing discussion about this in a different post. It appears to me that you are just pushing to get your posts higher in the category.

Since you sell graphic design services, you have every reason to attempt to discredit others, but this category is not the place, especially done repeatedly. Please move it to somewhere appropriate such as the Ranting Pot.

Reply to @alw1nl:

alw1nl said: Before you order, make a clear appointment about getting a sample of the work
You suggested that a buyer should make an appointment with a seller to get a free sample before there is a paid order. @jonbaas interpreted that (sensibly) as doing work without an order, which is the same as doing free work. I agree with him.