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A tip for success! Something I have found personally useful that I hope helps you!


Go to youtube and look for motivational videos and just let them play in the background while you work or study or whatever you need to do. This works for me both with Fiverr and elsewhere!

I am personally fond of quotes from the Rocky series of movies although I am obviously not a boxer :slight_smile:


Nice. I listen to podcast (school of greatness, perpetual traffic, social media examiner) and audiobooks.


How are you able to listen and pay attention to what a podcast is saying while also working or studying? :smiley: I’m even having difficulties focusing on what a podcast’s people are saying while doing a simple thing as drawing!


Hmm I don’t know…I never thought of it as an unusual skill…maybe its because I used to play a music instrument and its normal to me to listen to myself and enjoying the other parts of the group at the same time


I can’t study without music. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried doing that but then I forgot to study. :smile:


Same here - I can’t study without music, I can’t work without music, soon I won’t be able to eat, drink or sleep without music :smiley:


For people who are the opposite of you (i.e. can’t stand many things at once), try listening to “white noise” audios on YouTube


Jeez… I just tried that, I literally felt like I was part of a SciFi movie, right before the bad guy catches you from behind and almost destroys you. Do you actually listen to white noise? My goodness, you may be an alien disguised in human form, and white noise is the only music you knew on your home planet haha :stuck_out_tongue:


For noise I prefer fans myself but that’s technically white noise. In fact sometime if I’m somewhere without a real fan I’ll play a fan noise from youtube.


A fan white noise was exactly what I tried - it was really creepy :scream: you people are aliens :smiley:


I’m so glad you have found something that helps you relax, motivates you and and allows you to stay focused on your work. What works for you might not work for me, and what works for me, might not work for you. But what a blessing it is to enjoy what we do. God bless each of you, and bring you peace in all that you do. :slight_smile:


Hahaha. Yes, I do sometimes. Usually to block other, more interruptive background noise like TV or conversations. Nature sounds are my favorite - especially the sound of rain.


Oh yeah!! I particularly love jungle sounds… they’re so rich and immersive!


Well, I’m a bit of a mysterious creature myself - if I have a large piece of gig or work to finish, I simply can’t do it if I don’t put my #pinkfloyd playlist on. It makes my left foot jump up and down like crazy following the rhythm of each song, and I suddenly find myself in Turbo mode :smiley:


Fun fact: I remember reading something about the reason why the sound of rain is so soothing to humans. And it was basically because, in ancient times, rain meant that predators could not hunt anymore which means that you’re safe and can rest and relax. There is actually a very popular website made exclusively to bring you the rainy mood


Ha, that’s crazy! I live in a remote place where I sometimes get afraid of potential “human predators”, but whenever it rains outside, it’s like nothing can get here, nobody can find me and I’m safe from anything! So I guess it’s not just ancient times, it’s modern times as well :smiley:

Although that site could trick me into thinking I’m safe, and not actually be safe haha :stuck_out_tongue:



Normally I do such kind of activities before or after work. When I am working these things distracts me.


It really helps to relax !
Thanks alot <3