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A tip on getting orders (one that most people overlook)

Hello, after two years as a seller I thought I could share my experience on this website and give a suggestion for fellow sellers.

My first year was abysmal in term of sales, I had one every 3 months or so, terrible. A couple months ago I took it more seriously in hope I would start making sales more frequently and it worked. The problem wasn’t my pricing, it was my gig title.

So many times I see topics in the forum about people complaining they can’t sell anything, waiting for their first order. To make things worse there are sellers suggesting to those topic creators to be more ‘‘generic’’ with their gig title to be in the search results when buyers are looking for a service.

I am sorry but this is bullcr*p, you need to be specific on the service you are offering. Examples, I check the profiles of those who complains they have yet to make a sale. Their gig title explains why it isn’t working for them…their gig titles are: I do voice over - I make book covers - I make illustrations (my favorite) and so on.

You want to sell ? Be specific in your gig title, yes you make illustrations/voice over/book covers etc. but so does thousands of others on Fiverr. I learned from that mistake, I just added a genre for my illustrations and boom ! I now have to turn down offers sometimes because I’m too busy.

To wrap up, whatever the service you offer be specific with a category/genre. 95% of my sales are from people contacting me, not from Buyer Requests. Because these people they asked for something specific (horror in my case) and my gig showed up in the early pages…not buried under 100 pages of search result.



Hi that’s a very good tip!

Btw it’s “sales” not “sells”.

It should be “they have yet to make a sale”.


Thanks for sharing this article.

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That’s why you created that topic :blush:
I just read and loved that topic.

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Ah got it, its fixed now thanks.

@hevey_creations, :face_with_monocle: I’ve lost my mind, was that an error?

I was replying to misscrystal about my typos.

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thn pls suggest a title for me tht am doing email scrapping

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! :blush: :blush:
Hope you will come up with new experience and share with us,
Best of luck!

can I have some Data Entry specific example? :blush: