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A tip on how to make more money on fiverr for all sellers

Thank you for stopping by to read my post. I hope it will really help you.
Another strategy that I discovered and I think will help you and I to make more money on fiverr is to enlighten us more on cosmetology and how it can serve as a means of making more money on fiverr.

In the beauty industry, cosmetologists are sometimes called ‘beauticians’- involve doing manicures, pedicures and nail services, and even the basics of applying makeup for customers. But to me, being a cosmetologist goes beyond that.

Some even become their own boss and start their own business without a prior knowledge of what cosmetologists are. The aspect of cosmetology I want to discuss about is how to enhance your creativity and give you a professional skill set on how to PRODUCE over 50 cosmetology products such as paint, perfume, methylated spirit, detergent, air freshener, rust remover, insecticide and many more.

The opportunities are limitless. And I can easily help in the aspect as I’m a professional in it. With best knowledge on how to produce these products, here are some of the benefits you will get.

After learning basic and easiest ways of producing over 50 Cosmetology products, then, you can:
• Create a gig and start selling the tips on how to produce these products.
• Add additional money to your pocket, by manufacturing and selling these products.
• Be a businessperson.
• Make the products for your own personal use.
• Start various trainings on how to be self-employed both online and offline because I’m going to give you all you need to know in the different aspects of the production.

This is quite new on fiverr, learn today and have an upper edge over those without any knowledge on how to make money in the aspect on fiverr, since knowledge is power…Thank you for reading.

You may want to consider how many people want to do this.

Hi Misscrystal,thank you for leaving a comment. I dont understand what you meant by “you may want to consider how many people want to do this” . I’m always ready to teach you how to make those products.
Thank you.

Nice job

Thank you.

Hi cosmetologytips, I haven’t seen anyone offering this here so you are offering a unique service with no competition which is good. In addition you are offering a way people can make lots of money. It’s a winning combination.

Okay, thank you

But please, I am still worried about something, How can I promote a gig like this on Fiverr that i will not violate fiverr rules since nobody is searching for such gig presently?

People may find you here if you give it time.

Some really good insight in your post. Thanks for the inspiration!


Hi, an interesting post with a unique gig as MissCrystal said.
I think that for you to promote this, you need to not market it as cosmetology. I know this sounds odd but the reality is that very few, if any people will be searching for it. You could set up gigs offering a home business opportunity, perfect stay at home mom business, low cost business opportunity etc. You could use those kind of titles and explain the rest in the description. Just a thought, what you are offering definitely has possibilities but it might take some time to get it going.
Good Luck!

Great post

Alright, thanks alot.

Thank you so much, I will surely try that.

I really appreciate your comment…Thanks