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A tip to choose a Best seller on fiverr

Unfortunately there are a lot of sellers on fiverr who are not professionals and do experiments with clients. How a buyers who really serious about his/her project, choose a right seller/
The Best way to choose a designer for your project is to see his/her profile (Not on a single gig), check out buyer reviews, and make sure the reviews are not fake (by other sellers of the same category)… if you got designer having fresh original reviews then that will be your vest choice…
but newbies should have chance but how… don’t know

Thank you

You could also just do a test $5 and contact the seller beforehand with questions about your gig to make sure they’re not a scam/fraud/moron/cheat. It is well documented that there are review rings here, and that sellers use the IP of others. Your tip is essentially “screen them with minimum effort, then hire”. It’s one step above blindly clicking on order then forgetting to give details, but not much more than that.


You are right. :slight_smile:

By IP, did you mean address or Intellectual Property?

Anyway, I do agree that reviews are the very first step. I would also recommend avoiding (yes avoiding) impulse buys. One of the better screening methods is time. Give yourself enough time to research the Seller and watch their activities within Gigs, on the forums, and their promotional activities elsewhere as well (if possible). Also, waiting a while before you order will avoid the Sellers that try to collect and run - you’ll know if their account disappears suddenly that something odd may have been going on.

Also, I know it’s been mentioned a lot, but beware amazingly awesome deals, which usually aren’t - at least not for the Buyer.

For writing work:
1: Talk to the seller beforehand, ask for samples of previous work. It’s totally okay, we serious sellers don’t mind showing a few examples. Run the examples through a plagiarism checker. If anything has been online longer than the seller, it may be a warning!
2: Check reviews and make sure they are real.
3: Make sure the seller’s communication is professional and clean. There are many sellers who simply go to a cheaper seller with your order, overcharge you and make money for nothing! If they write like they’re in high school or like they really don’t speak the language, why would they deliver a professional essay?
4: Make sure they can offer revisions. Even at a fee. Sellers who don’t offer revisions ever, at any cost, might be hiding bad writing or plagiarism.

Far too many essay writing scammers out there.

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