A Truly Thoughtful Thought


Is it better to drink plain water, water with lemon, or just have an empty glass and pretend it’s water?
[cc: @writer99025] :wink:

Just having a bit of fun, my life is a tad intense right now. :wink:


Still a more accurate headline


I don’t think it really “waters” except for the third option which doesn’t “water” at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


As an actor, I’ve gotten pretty good at convincing others that there is water in my empty glass. Perhaps this activity would prove to be the most entertaining from those that you noted.


From a person who invested only in fixed deposits in water, lemons and drinking glasses, I am moving towards suggesting that the combination of all three is the best option although it remains to be seen if this is mutually beneficial.


By investing in drinking glasses, you’ve also stuck to ethical investing since these are reusable and recyclable. My concern with your plan is that I’ve heard that the lemon market has gone sour. For this reason, I’m going with non-lemoned water. Jon has a point regarding entertainment value on option 3, but would people pay to see it?


Yeah, lemons was a poor choice of mine, orange you glad you didn’t take my advice?

No, probably not - but would people invest in a company that specialized in making entertainment from empty drinking glasses? I think so!


Thank you @fonthaunt for this insightful insight and thoughtful thought.


People have paid to seen me do it. Thousands of people, in fact. :wink:


Lemon water sounds good to me personally, but you can also try cucumber water. It’s very refreshing, it might lighten you up a bit!


I mean, come on, who drinks water nowadays? It’s so outdated and overrated :smirk:

This thread actually reminds me of something that Eoin said about Fiverr’s misspelled word “hardwaer”: hardwater :crazy_face: