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A universal trend...!?


Has anyone else noticed a sudden peak in dealing with awkward, cranky, void-of-manners clients over the last couple of weeks…or is it just me? :confused:


Nope - mine have all been lovely! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I’m glad it’s not been an agonising experience for you. :slight_smile:


Sorry! I know it happens sometimes.


No need to apologise. :smiley: Just feeling really stressed and burnt out by the number of nasty experiences recently and feeling isolated by it. :confused:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…delivering orders quickly, answering queries efficiently and politely…


I found things got easier for me when I tightened up my gig descriptions, FAQ etc.

I was getting folks coming to my ‘5 videos for a plumber’ gig and ordering something completely random instead, sending me their own scripts etc. When I added ‘this gig is for plumber videos only - I do not offer custom videos’ to the top of my description, my FAQ, the start of my gig video, and added it as a gig image, it got much easier.

Is there anything you could change/add to your gigs which might help?


Perhaps I do need to lay things out in a more obvious manner with regards to descriptions, etc.

Thought about raising my base price to $10 as well.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that sellers that are top-rated and have a queue of jobs waiting for them tend to have a nice, pro-looking picture of themselves in the gig video. I think the psychology of that seems to appeal to the buyer, so I might get on with that, instead of having a 90’s rave style strobing light background on mine. :wink:


Nothing wrong with the 90s! I can understand your fear of the camera though, hence my avatar!

Good luck with it all! :slightly_smiling_face:


Get the glo-sticks out, then. :smiley:

Camera-wise, I’m going to have to bite the bullet I think.

Thanks for the chat. :blush:


Don’t know about video, but I find gig shots of a real person to be authentic and professional, hence trustworthy - include that with great description, etc. and I’m hooked. :slight_smile:


What do you prefer: gigs with videos or gigs with actual pics?


Voiceover, whiteboard, testimonial = video

Everything else = Pictures.

Writing gigs, I really like seeing sellers in everyday environment. Most of the Pro Writing gigs have great, gig pictures. It gives an air of professionalism. ⚘


Thanks, that’s really helpful. I should probably add a picture of myself to my gigs which takes me to my second question.
What would you rate my current profile pic?
My brother just got a new DSLR so I decided it was about time I gave my gigs a bit of a makeover.

For ssj1236

Yup. I’ll PM you after my meeting. I don’t want to spam/hijack someone else’s thread. :blush:


This week has been tough.

Most of our customers have been lovely, as is typically the case. But we have had a couple of, erm, challenging buyers this week. :wink: As Londoners, we find they’re like the buses. You go ages with no sign of them, and then they all show up at once. Which isn’t great for your health, but at least you can enjoy the quiet patches.

The one good thing is that it’s helped toughen us up a bit. We were so worried about poor reviews early on that we were probably a bit of a pushover, but we’ve reigned that back in of late. We set out clear terms in our gigs and we enforce them now, completely… And we’ve found that most customers totally respect this!

Good luck to you - it’s almost the weekend, hopefully next week is more enjoyable!


Funnily enough, there’s been something nagging away at me for a while now, urging me to stick a photo of me in the studio for authenticity. It’s good to get unbiased opinions and feedback. :smiley:


If you’re recording in a home studio then I’d recommend showing it in your video rather than just posting a still photo. There are thousands of stock photos. Why not record a video where you’re talking on camera in your studio :wink: