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A user placed an order and posted the following as requirements

What do you recommend me to do? He is a new user in fiverr (he created his account in April of this year). As requirements he sent me the following image (I did not download it, it looks very suspicious) the service that he acquired is "article to video ", As requirements he had to send me a text file with his article so that I could make a video for him. What do you suggest me to do?


Contact the buyer and notify them what you need to proceed with their order.

It was the first thing I did, he connected, saw the message, and left.

Then refer to CS saying that you have an uncooperative client as clearly this person is not engaged or even honorable. No good will come of trying to work with someone who doesn’t seem to want to work with you.

You can also simply hit Cancel from your side. This lets the buyer decline that cancellation but chances are that is exactly what they are wanting from you but just don’t have the marbles to say.

Yes this will affect stats, but no where near as badly as any star rating or review this person is likely to leave if you drag them to complete the contract they made with you. This is all very unfair but simply the nature of these places.

The buyer have already breached by not honoring the spirit of that contract so get them out of your life asap.


Uhh, is his article also about vehicle parking garages, like the image provided?

Kind of an odd topic for a video to tackle.

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