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A user threatened me


I have a question. Today, a user contacted me for a project. He/She proposed a call outside Fiverr, I rejected and I mentioned to keep all the conversation on Fiverr because of Fiverr’s T&C. Then He/She told me very few information, the whole communication in my view was not good enough to work with this person. He/She didn’t read my gig, the mentioned he/she lost a lot of time finding someone here. So, another reason to avoid starting an order.

I politely told him/her that I cannot help due to the communication, and he/she threatened me:

“I’m reporting you.” , “you will not be on Fiverr and not apply with their t&c’s”

I contacted Fiverr Support and reported the person.

Have you ever experienced some kind of attitude?


Hi there @avstauffenberg, thank you for sharing your experience with us. You did well not to continue your communication with this buyer outside Fiverr.

Wow, this person seems to have a will on her/his own, often this kind of clients are very unpredictable. However, I personally haven’t come across such clients yet, and I hope I never will (please god :pray:)

You did well to report this person. Good luck on your journey ahead.
God Bless!! Warmly, Humberto


Thank for your support. He/She is not my client, thanks God/Allah/Odin/Universe he/she didn’t buy my gig. It was only a conversation.


Glad she/he was just a visitor, good luck!! Kindly, Humberto

Yes. The users for the past few months have been kind of nasty at times. Just give this type of human your terms. If they can’t play by all the rules, move on, life’s too short to deal with morons. I think there’s some on her only to waste our time. As for the threat part, let it be water off a duck’s back. I hope things go smoothly for you from now on.

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This is someone you are lucky to not be working with. Not sure what she would be reporting you for, but who cares if she does? The person is troubled.

I’ve politely declined to work with a person for similar reason. We had a discussion and I got an impression they either didn’t know what they wanted, couldn’t express what they wanted or didn’t have a project to speak of and were messaging me for some other creepy reason.

They proceeded to contact me from different accounts pretending to be different people, threaten to report me for “not treating them right” and placing blank orders for 8 months or so.

I’ve reported them 3 or 4 times throughout, all the newer accounts were removed but the first one is still active, I believe.

Ask the CS block them from purchasing from you/seeing you if they ever show with another account (if you can’t see the block button on their profile page now) and do not engage otherwise.

You can block anyone on the app. Just go to the message from them and you will see the option to block them in the upper right corner.

I get people who contact me from different accounts too.


You can also block that guy. Such are really bad experience for sellers.

From the App you mean from the phone only? On my laptop I didn’t see any block option.

Yes i had this kind of experience. He/she continuously insulted me and wanted to show how powerful he/she was. At the end he/she gone away. So much frustrating it was. He/she didn’t ready to listen a word of mine.

Wow, your experience is really weird. Many people contacted me with “Hello, I need a website, how much is it.” Without proving (or having) any relevant details. So, yes a lot of people have no idea what they are doing, so I avoid them politely. But until today nobody insisted that much in ‘buying my services’. This is a strong reason Fiverr should stop letting people buy your services.

I hope the guy stopped contacting you. :smile:

Yes, through the app. You have access to the “Block” option on your lap, only when the buyer have already placed an order.

Blocked users through the app won’t be able to message you and/or place an order.

Done. Every day I learn something new. Thank you! :grinning:

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Yes Lot of… But Don’t even think about those kind customers. Just keep going :slight_smile:

Yes on your phone only. That is the app.

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I have encountered such terrible personalities in the past, and this was the only reason why i left this platform for more than an year. I was approached by XYZ citizen and asked me to do a certain task.
I was busy with another order so i politely apologized from him, but in return, he not only threatened me but also reported my profile, I remember i received a warning as well for this, which i guess totally wasn’t my fault. He told support team that i am supporting racism, etc. though, that was not the case. :smile:

A warning, was this automated? That is ridiculous.