A very basic question


This is going to let on how new and raw I am here lol. How does one know if anyone is viewing their Gigs?


Don’t freak out if you’re not seeing tons of views, or tons of views but no orders. It can take time to get noticed on Fiverr. If you don’t think you’re getting enough attention, try revising your gigs. Scope out the competition for ideas and keywords, and see if you can beat their prices (offer more per gig) or turnaround time. You can also promote yourself on the Buyer Requests section. When you start out you’re in a sea of people doing the same thing as you, so the initial hump is getting buyers to take a chance on you.


Also, go to your gig category, where all the sellers are listed, and click on the “new” tab at the top of the field. Scroll through and see if you are there. That won’t tell you if people are looking, but it will be a good indication if you stand to see some pretty good traffic. On Fiverr, price rules, of course. I have only raised my prices after being on here for a year. So, give away the store if you have to in order to get orders. Watch out for jobs that you don’t think you can fulfill, or won’t do well at, because you want to get good ratings also. Another thing is to go to “Buyers Requests” under Sales. Submit to all the requests that match your gig. Do that for days, until you get customers. One of those customers is going to become your first regular, and that is how you are going to level up. Good luck!