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A very detrimental review system (DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE)


Hello everyone! lately I often get the most disappointing experience for me as a seller, initially the buyer ordered one of the gigs that I had, we had a good discussion until at the completion of the work they were very happy with the job, they said "awesome, great, cool , amazing "almost all of my experiences here they say that with the results of the work I have given. to the complete message and they gave a review and came up with a new review system from fiverr for me to give them the first review before the buyer came up with a review, and I really appreciated the buyers with the discussions they did and I gave 5 stars to all buyers, and was very disappointing the review results from buyers gave 3 and 4 stars, even though they were very satisfied with the work. and my rating declined for now far from before. I think this is very unfair, fiverr is more concerned with the seller than the buyer, while we work based on the rating. I’m confused for now with Fiverr. therefore I wrote the topic here to find out what you think about this system and what I should do. to achieve a 5 star rating is very difficult, before I got a lot of 5 star reviews from the client and very long ago I got 5 overall ratings. until in the end I got 3-4 clients giving 4 stars and the rating quickly dropped to 4.9 … this is very unfair … DISAPPOINTED !!!


Buyers can post any rating of their experience with your service that they want. You, as a seller, do not deserve all 5-star reviews just because you want them.


4.9 isn’t bad. Most sellers drop to 4.9 at times and then good sellers come back up. Fiverr doesn’t cause it, that’s up to your buyers.


We tend to think anything less than 5 stars is bad. I think in the minds of a few Buyers a 4 star rating means “very good” while 5 stars are reserved for “Excellent”


why is it so hard to go up to a 5 star rating? but going down to 4.9 is very easy, there are only a few buyers giving 4 stars reviews for the job


It’s based off your 60 day average. This means that Fiverr will put together every rating you’ve had in the last 60 days and work out the average rating you’ve received. Like others have mentioned, most Fiverr sells have probably experienced a 4* rating from time to time, but you don’t need to worry too much about it unless it drops to below 4.7.