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A very frustrating experience


This is the first time using Fiverr and it has been very frustrating. They should provide online help, most other companies do.


Have you tried submitting a ticket to Customer Support?


Fiver has been buggy lately, maybe it’s a difficult one to solve.

One of my buyers was accidentally charged twice today, but they have returned the additional funds to him within a few hours.


Do not worry your issue will be resolved, I understand your frustration but company isn’t scam for sure :slight_smile:


So why are you complaining that “there is no online help” and “nothing but excuses”?
Technical issues take time and you are definitely not their only client so they may have a queue of people to deal with. If you are just looking to find someone to rant at then no, there isn’t any way of doing that in a satisfying way here. Its one of the downsides of buying online, it is cheaper, generally more convenient etc but they can’t replace the great feeling you get from walking into the premises of the business that wronged you and verbally chewing the head of some clueless teenager who has to then go check with an equally clueless teenager in a tie with a “Manager” badge giving you a fresh head to chew.

Fiverr has tens of thousands of satisfied clients per day. It also has some who have a bad experience - just like every other business. You were unlucky this time, the same day you had a great experience on Amazon/Ebay/Walmart etc, someone else had an experience that was not so good.

Staff say they are dealing with it, chances are it will be dealt with.


Yes it’s a company based in Israel and it’s excellent.

You did get someone to talk to you in customer support and I want to say that your results will be best if you are always very polite and professional in how you talk to the customer service people.

If you were angry or abusive or rude you may find it takes longer.


totally agreed.
#FeelingProud (As an Israeli)


It is the first I’ve heard of someone paying for a gig and then not finding any order or any record that it was purchased. Do you have any record of the purchase that you could show them?

I don’t know what you mean there is no way to talk to anyone.

You posted earlier that you reached someone in customer support who told you they would look into it.

Why did you mention that it was an Israeli company? Why is that relevant?


Hello there people, sorry about the problem your having sambo28. I’m here request for assistance also, just joint fiverr not too long ago (this month to be precise) currently having an issue with a very rude and abusive client who’s hell bent on frustating me it seems. How do i get in touch fiver support personnel for assistance or at least to vet the interaction I’ve had with this client so far and also are there terms and conditions to protect sellers, rules and regulations of some sorts?
Would really appreciate a reply


Hi. I’m not quite sure I understand this:

Can anyone tell me how to get $30.00 out of my Deposits and Revenue section and apply it to an order that I made last week?

If you made an order last week, you already paid for that order then.
Buyer accepts offer (hits ‘order now’ - button), thus the order is being created and the buyer pays the price the seller quoted+fiverr-fee. Fiverr keeps the money until seller delivers and until buyer accepts delivery or delivery autocompletes (if buyer doesn’t show up within 3 days after delivery), then fiverr still keeps the money for a ‘clearance period’ of 14 days (7 for top rated sellers). Then seller gets the money-fiverr-fee.

You can use funds from the revenue section when you go and purchase a gig, though the gig you buy can’t be more than the funds, you can’t ‘mix’ funds. Say you have 30$ but want to buy a 40$ gig, then you need to take the 40$ all from your payment method, fiverr won’t take the 30$ from your revenue funds and another 10 from your payment method, but the whole 40 from your payment method and the 30 will remain in your revenue funds. If the gig you buy is 30 or less, then it will work.

What is the exact reason that your seller can’t deliver? You mean there has no order been created at all, or is there an order and the timer hasn’t started yet? If the latter, please check if there is a requirement on the order requirement page you haven’t met (like you didn’t attach your file there but accidentally in the inbox, or you didn’t fill out a box with a mandatory question from the seller or something).

I hope some of this might help, else I hope Customer Support will clear this up for you soon.


Mmm. I do feel bad for your seller, who has already completed the work and is now being dangled about on a string (length unknown) as you wait for a technical issue to be resolved.


Ah, I seem. Hm, if the order was cancelled, and you have the 30 in your funds and your seller sent a new offer for 30, it should let you pay with that funds. If that doesn’t work, then sorry, no better idea than keep in touch with Customer Support until they fix it.


Well, you have been pretty combative with many other respondents here who were replying to an OP that was kinda scant on details. As you’ll see from miiila above me, we’re still not quite sure what happened (or what the “wrong button” was). She’s right, btw, if that is the case. If it’s not, then… yeah, you’ll just have to wait for CS to fix it because the site is broken right now. You can call up HQ–I think the number’s listed on Glassdoor, but I think it’s in Tel Aviv. (It’s almost 3am there now, so wait until tomorrow if that’s the case). You could ask CS if they will refund the $30 back to you if you pay the seller now.


I had quite a bit of trouble as seller and had to ask CS for help, because the buyers didn’t manage to get their order started, like attach their file in the wrong place, tried to send a file with 2 ‘.’ in the name etc., all that cost me a lot of time and nerves, and of course such things tend to happen with 5$ orders no less so I can surely empathize :wink: if it’s a consolation, Customer Service in the end always was able to resolve those issues, and with growing experience and having been there done that, it tends to get easier.


If you think that this combative then I’m in the wrong place, and there is no number to call, there is not customer support, ok?


This is something that I think your seller could sort out.
From what I understand:
You placed a $5 order instead of the higher price agreed with the seller.
Seller has done work but you have not paid the higher price yet.
You have money in your Fiverr account.

If the above is correct ask your seller to send you a “custom extra” for the correct amount. You can then click on the custom extra and the funds will go from your Fiverr account funds to the order, as long as you have sufficient funds there. The seller can then deliver the order.


There is a phone number, and customer support is You are being combative: I’ve just told you nobody really knows what the issue is, so is giving vague solutions that sound like they fit your issue. You are getting angry because they do not.

Do you perhaps see the issue here? I am not going to give the phone number out here, but I assure you it’s a very quick Google and its an Israeli number. Finding a NY number might be a bit trickier. Either way, calling that number is not CS, and more likely corporate stuff, so I don’t recommend calling anyway.


enough enmaki, just stop.


If I’m following correctly, it seems @eoinfinnegan has summarised the issue. If this is the case, the solution he has provided is exactly what you need to do.

In terms of support, you can either go to customer support (, email, Twitter at: https://■■■■■■■■■■■/FiverrSupport, the knowledgebase/FAQ ( or a few different routes.

Whilst I agree speaking to a live agent via the phone can be helpful, it can also be a slow and resource heavy process - especially with a user-base of millions.

If your issue is with “how” to do something, rather than an issue pertaining to personal details or an account specific action the quickest and best support you’re likely to receive is from the forum here. They are thousands of very experienced sellers who can help almost instantly.

If you’d like to share the issue you’re having (screenshots can also help if it’s difficult to explain), myself and others can help direct you.

Please note: If you are going to share screenshots, make sure you are not sharing any personal information or details you’d like to remain private.



See? Combative. Your seller goes unpaid and you demand empathy without providing the most important thing a victim has: details. Why are you responding to me and not Eoin? That’s the combativeness I’m talking about. It’s also established that you’ve contacted CS and that they’ve let you know they’re working on it while complaining there’s no online support.

C’mon man. Why did you delete this post? “I also feel sorry for the seller, I would love to get this over with. After days of clicking on options on the Fiverr site that do nothing and are empty. Hours of frustration, you could throw a little empathy my way as well.”

Hm? Oh, I get it. You’re deleting all of them. Well, I’m gonna hold this one for posterity.