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A very important doer (VID)?

I’m a bit confused about this. As a doer makes it feel like it’s about sellers, who do things for buyers. And Fiverr has called sellers doers before.

But I just noticed that a top buyer of mine is called a VID who is not a seller themselves, and Fiverr encouraged to provide the best work I can for them to make them come back, with a “learn more” link next to it. When clicked, it redirects me to seller help index. But googling about VID made me found this page and which makes it also seem like it’s a seller thing.

So are there both Seller and Buyer Very Important Doers? I wonder what are the requirements to become a VID seller, if so. It’s handpicked for sure.

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I am a new VID so I may be a little wrong but from my view it is essentially a way to keep “whales”(big spenders) on the platform . There are discount programs, coupons, things like if you spend 1500 get 150 back later. There is also priority customer support. When you talk about it as them being a seller in a sense they are. What I mean by that is that fiverr seems to be focused more on the b2b aspect of the site rather then personalized goods. While they are buyers here they are actually marketers and business owners elsewhere. b2b buyers do bigger contracts and spend more money being why they are focusing on them. The VID program is just a way to keep their biggest buyers coming back.