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A very Sad business partner


This January i was sitting in my room and my friend and neighbor presented me with a business opportunity.

We decided on a fair split. Say that we split the money equally.

He had a gig in promoted section. He is bad at designing but good at customer care. I am good at both but not a promoted designer so i agreed to the deal.

now two months Later he is standing at 500+$ all my work and he says that my share is a 80$.

I am feeling so sad for such a bad experience. I am a very nice person(ahem) i refused the money and decided to post them here.

The user is called *************** (Real name: ***** ******) he is using another persons identity the girl is ************.he took her pictures off tumbler and posted them on a fake FB account. Much more he is using that Fb account for illicit activities. Now i know what i am sharing here is pretty mean and harassing for them i just want them to know that we here in the fiverr family dont take lightly to frauds and greedy people.

I know i am not the best designer but i sure deserve more than 80$ for two months of taking their shitload of work.

P.S :wink: Show this guy the power of people i know it is too much to ask but support me by commenting and if you think this a bit too much harassment for the person in question tell me that as well.

Yours wickedly

Waleed Tariq

Mod Note: Using other people’s names in this manner is not allowed. Names removed,


Please remove usernames from your post.


I’m not sure whether never reading the ToS is some form of a fashionable, trendy sign of rebellious Spirit (something like Tattoos in the 60s), but it would most certainly help reduce the “Why was my account disabled/restricted” post frequency.

I suggest you heed @offlinehelpers advice.


I am not to worry about such mundane affairs dear i just wanted to voice my experience so people can avoid these things in future.

P.S: When dealing with friends always make a written contract not all friends are that friendly when they have money


are you with the fiverr support team?



Both you and the person you are griping about is using a VPN to falsify their locations.

You are claiming you are from GERMANY, when you are clearly NOT!
The other person is claiming he is from UNITED STATES, when he is clearly NOT!

And you are coming to the forum moaning about fake identity, the irony!


No - just somebody who follows every rule there is, particularly when it comes to ToS.


well i contacted fiverr about that cuz fiverr was blocked in my country untill 2016 they said its alright


Excuse me?
FIVERR was blocked in your country till 2016?
And which country is that?

And unless you can furnish some proof, Fiverr is NOT a proponent of VPN users.


i have support ticket you are welcome to see with a warrant :wink:


Sorry i was a bit too emotional when writing that and logic was sitting out the door, I removed the usernames XD


I’m confused are you Zen or Waleed Tariq?:open_mouth:


zen is my username waleed my real name what is the confusion with that


or Lindsey Stirling, because that’s who the profile pic is.

What an identity crisis!


I just like the music and the girl people have put up angelina julie as profile i dont see an issue there


No, but Lindsey Stirling might mind her image being used by you.


I don’t need any warrant to ask you that you show a supporting proof of your statement.

This is Fiverr forum, and you cannot just provide MISINFORMATION for other users to mislead them.

State what country you are from and show some kind of proof that backs up your previous statement.

All information needs to be ACCURATE before you blatantly expect us to accept it as a fact.


well just for the sake of your curiousity i will ask her on her YT channel but i doubt any celebrity minds. They are also business person the more places their image reacher better it is for them


i live in Azad Kashmir and i have provided them proof of identity as for you dear, you are a user same as me you dont need that kind of information


I am NOT asking for YOUR proof of identity.

I am asking for verification which says:

Because that is what you said have you not?

I am asking a few users from Pakistan to shed some light on OP’s post that his location was blocked by Fiverr:
@zubairfb @anjylina @saddu_writer