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A very Sad business partner


Copyright infringement, unless you have obtained the permission to use the picture, not to mention that it makes you look dishonest. That might make people wonder if they need to worry about copyright infringement and possible lawsuits whenever they buy from you, and that, in turn, might make buyers find someone else to work with.

It’s best to use either your own photo, or a logo that you have created from scratch. Logo would also serve to further advertise your skills (if it’s good, of course).


So you were living in Germany and now moved to Azad Kashmir. If you don’t mind telling your city name?


Oh dear, I can see this isn’t going to end well either… first ex-friend shaming, now all this, dear me.


my location was not blocked by fiverr XD i was in a university that blocked lots of things. So i had to sue the VPN now i am on home internet for about 8 months now but my location didnt change. i even asked them for a location change fearing a ban and they said that the algo will take time to settle your location to pakistan.

I hope this clears anything you wanna ask.

and my first day post limit or something is appearing now -_-

EDIT: i realize i have many flaws judging by the comments so imma start correcting them one by one.

  1. i cant change the fiverr username so that is a no go.
  2. i should start by changing my profile image.
  3. i am socially awkward mostly so all this input is kinda flattering :blush: i will improve my personality issues.
  4. I have done some shady things in this thread i will learn from them and avoid them in future.
  5. I will delete this thread tomorrow cuz i right now im not in a very logical state XD.
  6. I hope anything i said didnt offend anyone except the intended party.

And yet you think it’s fine to use someone else’s photo as your profile picture.


Whatever happened with you it was really sad that you did the hard work for nothing.
If you believe in your skills I would suggest be what you are and there is no need to have a profile of girl from Germany.


If I may share few of my own experiences, I worked in Asia, and Africa for a long time, and I taught at Universities there, I think I understand where this problem is coming from, first of all there are huge misunderstanding between the people in this conversation, maybe it is because of culture differences and ways of doing things, let me explain:

  • First of all no excuse for not reading the ToS and violating it
  • There are things, legal issues, many people in Asia or Africa take it lightly (note I didn’t say everyone) but many, and it is due to lack of enforcement of laws in some of these countries, for example using someone else’s picture and intellectual properties has a serious consequences in most western countries and almost zero consequences in most Asian and African countries, so some people in these areas might not see the problem of using other people’s intellectual properties and ethics I guess is not something that is looked at or even considered, in some of these places.
  • ToS of most websites are long and sometimes are boring, and many people wherever they came from, take it lightly and never bother to read them and when they are penalized because of violations, they rush into tears and complaints
  • Many people from some Asian and African countries, have the believe that if they are located in Europe or North America they would have more chances to be hired, and say they are native English speakers when they are clearly not, again thinking that would give them more chances, I think it is because of lack of confidence and due to a huge perception errors.

I wish these people knew that no matter where you are located, if you are offering a legit service and have the skills for it, buyers do not care where you are located, and look at many profiles from people who are located in Asia and Africa and doing excellent work and established themselves really good.

For the OP, since you are doing the job, why do you need someone else for, did you say customer service? Just drop the person, be honest, offer your services by yourself and enjoy the fruits of your work…


Okay, first of all, bashing aside, I’d say it’s a bad condition you’ve found yourself. As you say, never work with a “friend” without documentation, more so when there are chances of profit. I might do as you’ve done and refuse it completely, or I might accept it as a minor compensation - depends on my mood at the time.

Secondly, before bashing someone, check that you are not doing what you’re accusing them of.

Lastly, your last comment shows you are quite willing to learn and make necessary changes. I hope that is true, and I hope you make those changes. In all, calm down, think of more important things, and work harder for yourself. You’ll do just fine.


@djgodknows I think we are all then working from another Pakistan which is located on MARS.

@zen_graphics1 This lie wont justify you for using VPN to hide your identity. Sharpen your defense skills.

Confused, aren’t you? :unamused:

May I ask which Unique university dont allow this?


No, Fiverr was never blocked in Pakistan. It was available back in 2014 when I first came to know about it.

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He might be right, some universities block some websites, also some countries still are police states and block much of the internet … like facebook, twitter, youtube and more, so it is not weird that some places do block things…


Oh dear, Not in pakistan.


Is no one going to point out the “Zen” was well aware of all these shady activities and happy to go along with them until they realised their cut was smaller than they expected?

I have no sympathy for either of you.


@zen_graphics1 May I ask you which Uni are you talking about?
My sister Anjy started graphics in 2013 after she had heard about fiverr and her instructor was earning about 3k dollars per month at that time. And for sure from Pakistan.


umm… Knock it off Zen_graphics1 …
Theres a difference between being nice + zen and being gullible and naive (i’ll stop there…)
Here on fiverr , nice gets you nowhere.
Just read my posts and you’ll understand…

Sure its admirable that you didnt keep the money etc…etc…
But I hope you learned the lesson here… As I’m pretty sure it was a 2-way lesson… Except he is $500 richer , and you get to rant about it. Think he paid for that lesson as much as you? No , you’ve allowed him to do the same thing to another nice person like yourself.

The lesson here for you is …
“Knock it off” - give your gifts to those who deserve them. Use your intuition to better pick the people who deserve your attention.

I’m not being harsh , something tells me you needed to hear this :wink:
If I was rude , spank me … and I’m sorry … (or insert here -> whatever form of other flattering apology you need to re-brighten your day :wink: I just dont like seeing good people get taken advantage of … but… Whatever the case , learn from this + dont allow these people to prosper. Thats not what you’re here for.