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A very strange buyer! HELP!

I got an order like 8 days ago, the buyer first sent me another project and told me to do it and then after some hours they said that someone else will do it for me and that they are going to send me another video to edit. After that, they have been sending me very limited explanations and when I delivered the order they said it was not fine and they have asked for 3 revisions till now. They also reply after hours and it’s getting really tense for me.
Do I cancel this order? If yes, please guide me, I am new.
Thank you in advance!

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You have to take control of the situation - at the moment it sounds like your buyer has control.

Make it clear that their instructions are insufficient to enable you to complete the job. Tell them that unless they can improve their communication and provide clear guidelines then you will approach customer support to intervene.

Sellers should not be exposed to stress by bad buyers.

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