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A very unpleasant experience I had on the Fiverr


A very unpleasant experience I had on the Fiverr. They deleted three services (services where I invested the work, invested over $ 500 in promoting them in social networks, I can not say networks because I think they will delete my account) My services have been deleted, without any warning, without sending me a message that requires changes. My one-year work with one click was deleted. And you know why? Because I used the facebook word in my service, I specified in the service that I will promote ebay / amazon products in my personal facebook groups. They send me a link with an irrelevant article that I would violate intellectual property rights using facebook in my service. It is interpretable and irrelevant, which means that fiverr, should not use the word of Facebook. It is irrelevant and unjust to remove the work, and the investment for one year. They could send me a message, to modify the service, not delete them without warning. It’s curious why they did not delete them when we had 3 orders a day. This is finally, but it is unfair to delete work, the investment, without even warning him. I thought fiverr is a site where can communicate, can find solutions, but it is not. I am frustrated, angry because my services have garnered a lot of positive reviews, thanks to my work and my total involvement in projects. I’ve added services here again, but I have not used facebook anymore in the text, I lost all the reviews. Now I do not even know what to do, to invest in promotional campaigns paid to promote my services. I do not trust to do this after the experience I had recently.

Thanks to everyone who has read my message, and I hope Fiverr can find solutions in the future to avoid such experiences. They are very frustrating! Below you have a message from the Fiverr support for the reason that I deleted 3 services without any warning.


I think that they clearly mentioned why your gig was disabled. If you did promote customer’s content on someone else’s facebook(social media) groups, There’s nothing to talk about because it violates ToS. Maybe they identified that you post those buyer’s content on facebook groups which is not yours, through a chat you had with a buyer.

  1. Groups are mine
  2. It is normal to warn, before you delete, right?
    3.We did not sell services except under the conditions specified by the fiverr (even if some buyers invited me to do the transactions in other way, without the fiverr commissions)
  3. I do not find it relevant to disable the services this way, for that reason.


Look here✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=facebook%20group%20posting&search-autocomplete-original-term=&search-autocomplete-original -term = how many sellers do, still post in groups that are not even personal property. Do they not infringe Intellectual Property Rights? Should all services on the fiverr be disabled? This I do not understand.


I’m sorry about your frustrations. Fiverr has methods in place to ensure their market place is safe for everyone. If you have pieces of evidence that you have not violated any terms of use, gather them and send it to customer support. Send your message in a friendly tone… remember, they are the Boss.


As @estherrandell said, if you have the evidence that fb groups where you promoting are yours then just send that proof to customer support and they should resolve it.