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A very weird customer at the wrong time, what to do?

Hey there, I’ve decided to write on this forum since I do not know what to do and what may happen.
I already contacted the assistence but I wanted to listen to someone outside, for their opinion on this whole situation. A guy contacted me for doing him a small drawing ( a sub badge for twitch), I accepted his order and made the first sketch on the same day he ordered, until here nothing wrong. But the day after I got a fever, so when he replied me telling to fix some things, I told him I’ll do it, but all my orders ( his too) may have delayed, 'coz my fever was so high I couldn’t even leave my bed. He replied with an “Okay” and I contacted him again 2 days later, when my fever was still high, asking him if he was still willing to wait for some extra time, and I sent him a request for 4 more days. I asked 4 days 'coz I wasn’t fully recovered and wasn’t unsure on how to proceed, since if my fever went up again after 1 day, it would’ve been impossible for me to work. Instead of asking why 4 days etc, he complained I was asking a lot of days, and WANTED some extras for free. I told him I can’t give him any extras since I was sick and I had other orders too, it would’ve been impossible for me with an high fever manage to give something for free. Usually I give “personal” coupons, it’s a cute idea I created that when they place their order, if they send me the coupon their order will receive extras for free. It’s a cute way to give discounts.
Anyways, since he first just replied “OK” when I said his order would’ve been late & his last message sounded unfriendly, I told him to just cancel and go for another artist at that point, actually if he was in a rush he could’ve told me when I told him the first time his order would’ve delayed 'coz I was sick, so he would’ve cancelled it before. Anyways, I just rested for the next days 'coz my fever wasn’t going down, all my other customers understood what was happening and told me to rest, but after 2 days from my cancellation request, this problematic buyer decided to come back, refusing to cancel the order and started to argue 'coz “you never told me the order would’ve delayed”. I told him to scroll up since he replied OK when I first told him.
He never accepted the request for those 4 days and didn’t bother to go further into it (also he said he can’t switch artist 'coz others take from 5 to 7 days. but then, why didn’t he accept my request for 4 days since it would’ve been the same thing? I listed 3 days as time delivery, but if I end up sick that isn’t my fault, it can happen to everyone since i’m not a machine working 24/7), so I assumed he didn’t care anymore, but he REFUSED to cancel the order and said he won’t cancel it even if I ask 1000 times. He said some things as “Right here the only thing that should be done is i get my order tomorrow, you said you can do it by tomorrow so stay good on your promise. If not that is only reflect of your own behavior.”, as guilt-tripping me and making me feel bad on the whole thing when I told him on time that his order would’ve delayed, and he didn’t ask how much time, why or anything like that. Then he sent me a “request” asking updates on his order.
I already contacted fiverr’s assistence, 'coz at this point he’s harassing me when I told him to ask someone else to do his order, since every message he is sending me is getting very very unfriendly & threatening. but I do not know how to proceed. This “request” of his will make the order close in 1 day if I do not reply. What happens if I do not reply? Do my rankings go lower? I contacted the assistence and I think they can close this order too, in that case what would happen? I’m still kind of new to these kind of things since in all 60 customers i had no one was like this one. Hope you guys can give me some ideas of how this works

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Then ask 1000 times! :wink: If I remember correctly you have 2 days to respond after he refuses to cancel. Just go about your regular life and wait for a day and a half to ask to cancel again. You would not enjoy working with this buyer and his rudeness should not have to be put up with.

Are you saying his request to get extras for free? Yes, the order could close in a day, unless he sees he can manipulate you and you start down the path of request after request after request.

That depends on if the order is in revision mode. Is it? But it sounds like even if you finished the order, you would get a bad review, which would affect your account more than making your ranking go low.

The order was already out of time, 'coz when I sent him the request he ignored it on purpose to go out of time, I don’t know if it makes sense. Thank God I just got this order cancelled, I do not know if it was because I posted it here and the support saw this ASAP or just 'coz he wasn’t smart enough to see that if the request expired I would’ve been set free, but finally this nightmare has ended.
My order completation decreased a bit, but at least I’ll manage to make it grow back to normal. I’m just sad that Fiverr Assistence won’t take act of how bad he was being with me, customers as that one should be banned from the platform.
Thank you a lot for your time, your reply made me feel a lot better for this whole situation. :sob:


Nope, Fiverr CS does not come here. We are sellers and buyers and have no connection to them.

This or either he gave up.

Yes, and your review average stays intact.

Yes, they should, but don’t be too hard on CS. They have been so busy since the pandemic hit because of new members like your that they are overworked. Did you know that starting in March of 2020, there are 2 to 3 times as many sellers on Fiverr as there were before the pandemic? Or is that gigs? :thinking: Anyway, it has been taking them up to 10 days to respond since March 2020.