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A veteran Freelancer that came to Fiverr

Hi everyone! My name is Sandra and I have been freelancing for quite a while. First, I was old-fashioned, lived my life through recommendations of old grannies talking about my skills on the market, while fighting over the cheapest piece of cheese.
When the trend of earning money online, finally came to my behind-the-butt-of-the-world country, I started to wonder, if I should try and look for opportunities on the internet. And so I did. After a few unsuccessful online jobs and my naive self getting scammed, I landed here. Did I make the right choice?


Welcome to Fiverr, Sandra! :wink:
I wish you good luck, but your success depends on quite a few factors. Perseverance, professional attitude, quality and after all also on a little bit of luck. :slight_smile:

I wish you a successful online freelancing career, but only time will tell if Fiverr is a right platform for you.

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Thanks, @matevzs1 !
I just hope that I will be patient enough because it seems that, selling the first gig might take some time.

This depends on what you do to get your first sell. If you wait for it to come, yes it will take a while.

I figured that. That’s why I started frantically promoting almost on all of my social media accounts, even wondering about opening new ones (like twitter, even though I dislike it).
I read that optimizing tags is important for gigs and giving a good description too.
The only thing I can think of now, would be adding videos. I checked out the buyers request tab and it’s pretty empty. :frowning: I hope that it’s not my profile what deters new clients from contacting me, since I think my gigs are pretty straight forward.

Wrlcome to fiverr. I wish, u will get your desired success from here :slight_smile::slight_smile: