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A veterinarian from Bangladesh

Hello Everyone!

I am a vet. I can serve you by astonishing veterinary related articles or topics or notes preparation in any topic. You can visit my gig Hope you will get some idea. And as a beginner, I also want your support guys. Thank you… :heart:


Nice that you followed the advice :wink:
I would work on the gig image a bit. The photo you in included is great but the text next to it is bearely readable.
When doing your gigs follow this rule: Keep it short and simple. Put a simple headline:
Animal Content from trained veterinary
or something along that lines next to your picture. People will just scan search results and wont even bother trying to decipher that much text on a photo.

If you feel you have more to tell about you, you can allways add documents to your gig.
You should add some sample work, too. If you dont have any atm, just write on something for yourself. Clients want to see your style and skills before booking, especially when dealing with a new account.

I know you want to attract customers but please consider raising prices asap as soon after getting your first sales. You have an academic degree in the niche you want to write for and thats worth something.

EDIT: There is something off with your pricing, too. Why do you charge different amounts for different animals?


Also rework your tags. You want to pick tags, which are searched by customers. But nobody is searching for “knowledge” or “topic” as these a generic terms. Try something like “seo article writing” “web content writing” and something like that :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m getting you always for here. Thank you so much! I wish you to see next again. :blush:

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By the way, I did not get this. Are you going to work on my gig image?

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