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A video game major has got to have some creativity- right? Check out my gigs!


Hello, I’m a college student, who’s talented in writing.

I need a way to pay some of my tuition, but also channel my creativity.

I’m dedicated and want all of my customers completely satisfied, so I like to keep in touch with my customers at all times.

If you hire me you won’t be let down. I’m online all day and a majority of the night.

My main gigs are transcribing up to an hour of audio for you (English only)

and writing up to 600 words on any topic for your blog or site. Both done within 2 days, usually after 1.


Ah, I should have put some ways I’ve had experience. Well, I’ve written short stories all my life, starting when I was about 12. I started college when I was 16, and decided to major in simulation and game development. I wrote the script and the concept document for the game that’s in development now with my team of three and I’ve won an interactive fiction contest that got me a nice sum of $400. :slight_smile:

Any questions? Inbox me! Even if it’s just curiosity.