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A warning message for everyone!

yesterday I wanted to investigate my name that I have in fiverr through google to see if everything was fine. Well I found a website that had my profile copied and my nickname. so I contacted the support of that page and also made the complaint. They sent me a message to my email telling me that they were embarrassed by this situation. Then I told them to erase that account. They answered that they needed to verify if I was the user of fiverr and they would send me a message to my fiverr inbox. in fact, they contacted me, I told them again to delete my account of that page, and then they erased it completely… :male_detective:

that’s a web page from India and it’s like a clone of fiverr too …
so… friend… check your nickname through google to see if they get something similar. be careful… :male_detective:


of course!
I think they steal information from fiverr sellers… :male_detective: :scream:

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Is it a site that starts with the letter B?


yes! :male_detective:

I searched and found a fake account on another site with my username. Surprisingly, they copied the entire description of my profile. :expressionless:


Surprisingly my profile is also copied along with my description. But i cant find any way to contact them. Can you tell me how did you contact them??

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Send them a message through technical support! you will find it below their web page

Hello All,

My profile is also copied and i have immediately raised a complaint. that particular site has live chat option and i have warned them to remove that fake profile which has my user id and profile description. with in 30 mins they have removed.

So many spammers threatening all fiverr sellers. Always be careful and check your user names, profile images, and gig images. if you found anything spam complaint immediately.


It looks more that they cloned (and I mean cloned, not just set up a similar system) the entire site, or parts of it at least, than copied individual sellers’ profiles in this case.
The B site at least has been reported to Fiverr a while ago, but if they can do much there, is another question.
At least, the ID thieves are either too stupid to copy paste correctly or too lazy to fix the copy paste failures, together with some other pointers, it’s hopefully enough to keep people from buying there.


Now i am certain that it is not the users but indeed the website cloning the accounts. I told them to shut that account and they sent me an offer instead


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they sent me that offer too! I scolded them and told them that I would like to delete the account :male_detective: :+1::policeman::oncoming_police_car:

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My name comes up all over the internet!

Of course I expected that :slight_smile:

If someone would be kind enough to pm me that other sites name so I can check directly, I would appreciate it.

of course Scott :eyes: :male_detective:

I’ve searched for you on Google and I think you do not appear on that thief page, you only appear on a page of a marketing course or something like that :male_detective:

Thank you my friend.

I would love to see that link, as I do marketing training.

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Reminds me of a site that copied stock imagery - watermarks and all - from various stock sites and when I tried to bring this to the attention of the admin of the site I was on, since a lot of their images were there as well, the response was less than stellar. All I got was the Topaz Museum and some links to posts made on the fiverr site.

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another horde of thieves!!! this message came to me today :male_detective:
we have to put an end to the zombies!! :policeman:

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You replied your images and nickname is protected by copyright.
Is it true? I see people are using other images all the time plus their is one person who has different gigs and all of these gigs are from different fiverr seller. I know this because he used one mine and i found out that his other gig was from other artist.
Also we have gigs here that used Hollywood movie clip and they will add your logo in these clips so there is that.

of courz! Most of my works are original and I have worked with registered companies of high level. If one of those thieves steals an image of some company with whom I worked, then I will be in trouble :policeman: :male_detective:

We don’t sign NDA here in fiverr so we shouldn’t be worry about if someone else uses delivery image not that they will. I usually stock these in Dropbox for max 6 months and after that it stays here or if i want to delete it then i do that. That’s what i tell my clients.

Always Protect Your Clients

Put your client above yourself, EVERY TIME.

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