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A way to edit messages?

I periodically make some typos and etc in my messages. I would very much enjoy an editing function for any communications between sellers and buyers.

Although I understand the need to correct messages, at the same time being able to keep correct, unaltered communication logs is essential when it comes to sending proof to Customer Service. And from what I’m reading here, that’s the ONLY protection sellers have against bullies and abuse. So no, that should not be built in UNLESS sellers get more protection. Like for example a rating system for buyers aswell, and the ability to reject a gig without damaging your reputation.

Fiverr can internally keep the changelog of the messages for these cases. This will give best of both worlds: readability for users who are editing typos, broken links, etc and abuse prevention.

Many other sites do this and depending on their backend Schema shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to integrate