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A way to get money back?

i posted a gig, paid for it, then seller didn’t compete as promised. is there a way to address this?

You have your account since 2010 and you don’t know how to use the resolution center ? It’s a bit strange … Also as always the story has 2 sides… it depends on what you ordered , how much you invested in that order and so on… I also see a review you left for a previous seller ‘’ i had a hard time getting him to understand what i wanted, but that was more my fault than his. ‘’ which makes me wonder about a few things… but I might be wrong who knows


Have you spoken to the seller?

You really need to define “as promised.”

Are you saying the seller didn’t fulfill the scope or are you saying you’ve decided you don’t like it and don’t want to pay for it? Huge difference. Also, if you’ve already paid for it, you have the unwatermarked version and can now go and use it without having paid for it (But get caught). If you aren’t clear, people in the forum are going to wonder if that’s what you’re going to do… You don’t want to look like a scammer unless you’re actually scamming.

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